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Comment Re:Too small.... (Score 1) 243

It is actually annoying though to know that you can get 21" 1920x1080 and 22" 1920x1200 displays, but for any more, it means going to 30", 2560x1600, and from there, there is nowhere else on a single screen.

I'd love to see that newly-popular 26 and 27" size showing up in 2560x1600.

Comment Re:Ergonomic Model M (Score 1) 310

It depends on the failure mode.

I tended to destroy $20 keyboards because I type hard and bottom out to get a sound from them.

Model Ms don't need to be beaten to hear the keystroke.

I've used an array of Ms-- from 1987 to a 2009 Unicomp with two weeks on the odometer-- and found I was unable to kill any of them except via outright abuse like ripping out springs.

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