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Comment Old News ... (Score 1) 119

Was reading that 'its expansion is speeding up', but I also read a document from 1972. How can they get a Nobel Prize for old news ? Here is a part of 'Siloism' (first published in Santiago de Chile, 1972). "c) Origin of the Universe. Light converged upon itself and this gave place to the surging of dense energetic and material expressions. This was the stage of the "fall of the light." This provoked the original explosion, and from this centre, radiation and mass of igneous matter expanded at increasing speeds. In this way, what began to take shape as nebulae, galaxies, suns, planets and moons of different systems, continues its acceleration whilst it moves from its original centre, leaving spiralled cycles in its wake. As these bodies move away they begin to return to their origin due to their curved trajectory, whilst they accelerate and approximate the speed of light. Finally, all bodies will end up transforming their matter into radiant energy and this energy will be converted into light. In addition, from every direction of the curved space this light will convex upon one centre in order to produce a new creative explosion. In synthesis: Light is eternal, it is the origin and the end of the Universe. It is of no interest here to study the processes of densification, nor, inversely, those of increasing vibration of matter, anti-matter, and energy. It suffices to say that these are three expressions of the same principle, that each of them can turn into light and vice versa."

Comment 2,700.000Km/sec (Score 1) 1088

"The superluminous speed obtained with a laser (acting upon rubies in series previously charged) has demolished the Einsteinian myth of the maximum speed (300.000 Km/sec) reaching up to 2,700.000Km/sec, that is, exceeding the "limit" nine times. These experiences were accomplished in 1967 in the laboratory of quantum radiophysics, the Lebedev Institute of Physics of the Academy of Science of the USSR by N. Basov (Lenin and Nobel Prizes), I. Zubarev, V. Efinkov and A. Grasik. This 'jump in octave' of the speed of l. will surely revolutionise the concepts of today's Physics." http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1964/basov-bio.html

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