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Comment Not that simple though (Score 1) 109

If you ban "after work" email, you also prevent me from having flexible hours. It's pretty common that I'll just take a random day for giggles, then make it up on a Saturday, or at night.

Sure, I can just take an actual day off and not make it up (and I do!), but I'll be less likely to do it when I need it if I can't just make up for it.

Comment It's trendy now, but... (Score 1) 279

People kind of forgot about the dotcom crash already. Yeah, people probably should learn basic coding...but that isn't why it's so trendy to point it out in the news.

It's trendy because right now it's an absurdly high paying job with low barrier to entry.

When we are done vilifying all manual labor and every carpenter and plumbers are pushed aside and snobbed by the swarm of 3rd rate coders, and there's so many programmers salaries tank to nothing and there's a real crash (not the tiny one we got in january) ...then what? Will we keep pushing everyone to have masters in whatever is trendy then?

What we need is comprehensive push to re-glorify apprenticeships of all kinds (including, but not exclusively, programming), so that people who don't want to or can't go to college can still be useful and make a nice life for themselves. Anyone who's played an MMO knows what happens when people who find a "make gold and become rich quick" schemes become overly popular: they become a waste of time.

Comment Re:Shortage of Skilled Programmers??! (Score 1) 818

Even if you pay 200k+ (and I'm not talking about SF/SV where it doesn't mean that much), you still have issues finding "highly skilled programmers".

I dunno what world you live in, but trying to staff a reasonably sized team where everyone would be paid significantly more than that doesn't exactly scale: you have to be able to sell something that will pay for it, and there's a limit to how much the market will bear.

The reality is right now the market is jam packed with 2 bit coding bootcamps bozos, people who switched fields when they realized software engineering paid better than their chosen one, and all around wannabes. A small percentage of those people are really into it, worked hard, and are actually good. There's still a shortage.

If your definition of highly skilled is "I learnt Rails in a few weeks and I can make a web page but I'm asking for 150k+ a year", well, yeah, there's a lot of that.

Comment Re:Why... (Score 1) 134

Even if your company does direct deposit, often the first check is physical. My bank doesn't have physical locations where I am, and has a very low limit on online deposits.

I just opened an account on some random credit union, took a picture of the check and uploaded it, and then did a (free!) transfer.

Comment Re:Why... (Score 1) 134

Dunno about you, but the only banking products I take for granted are the ones I get online. My mortgage officer never saw me face to face. I never talked to a human being to open any of my credit cards. I'm an immigrant to the US, so I had a worse credit score at first than some of my friends who work in fast food restaurants. I'm white, but the country where my name is most common is Haiti (a coincidence, but people reading it don't know that).

As far as I could tell, all of those loans were essentially granted based on my FiCO score, my current debt burden and my payslips. It wouldn't even be my address or employer, since both my first apartment in the country and my first employer's office were located in districts known for large amount of minorities.

Maybe people get discriminated against when they go face to face...but then, just don't do that (heck, even if you're white. It's a pain in the ass). CapitalOne will give a credit card and checking account to literally anyone who didn't go bankrupt.

Now, if it's someone who can't afford an internet connection or cannot go to a local library...then ok, those people do need help (for real, not in the insult way). But "generally shut out" sounds like way more people are getting screwed then just that group.

Comment Re:Obesity is a recent problem (Score 1) 381

Well, for one, when your mom is single or she actually goes to work like everyone else as opposed to staying at home doing nothing else but caring for the house, having 3 home cooked meals a day becomes much more challenging. Not impossible, but you have to do some serious planning and get into pretty specific time habits to make it happen.

So more people will resort to eating out, ordering, etc. And it goes downhill from there.

If I'm in a rush in the morning and don't have time to patch up breakfast, my only option around here is to go to a local pastry shop. Yeah, that doesn't end well.

Comment Re:How about more 'diverse' U.S. citizens? (Score 1) 265

If you're over 50 and in the interview, it's obvious that you're up to date (that doesn't mean knowing the API of the latest trendy bullshit, but it does mean you don't think SVN is new and scary), and you have the skills of someone with 25+ years of experience, not only will you get an offer before you have time to get in your car, in any of the tech hubs (not just SV and the west coast), the conversation will start at over 300k total comp and you'll be able to milk them up from there.

The problem is that there just wasn't that many software engineers back then (compared to today), and the vast majority jumped ship when the dot com bubble crashed. Of what's left, a large section are scared of SQL as something too technical, or are too scared of new tech to learn them enough to explain why we shouldn't use them, from experience.

The rest though (which leaves very very few)? You can't hire them because they're never on the job market.

As the huge influx of engineer gets older, it's a problem that will go away. Eventually there will be more older engineers than younger ones, and we can go back to the good old days where no one could get a job without 10 years of experience in a technology that's 5 years old.

Comment Women are laughing all the way to the bank now. (Score 2) 265

While there's problems everywhere, since the biggest issue is long before any tech company can get (directly) involved (how parents raise kids, school, TV, etc), there's starting to be statistics showing that women right of college are starting to make quite a bit more than men (because of all the big tech companies under fire desperately trying to hire them).

So unless you're critically incompetent, right now if you come out of CS and you're a girl, you're basically an instant-hire and you can negotiate your salary to oblivion.

Welp, since my wife is a pretty successful software engineer, I indirectly benefit...but...

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