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Comment Re:Turnabout IS fair play... (Score 1) 765

Definately depends on the field and the company.

Quite a few companies will start by putting employees on "performance improvement plans", that can be as much as 6 months in some cases, with feedback along the way as to how you're doing.

With layoffs often come severance. And not all companies are Disney forcing employees to train their replacements.

If you work for a company like that, then, IMO, some mutual respect is appropriate.

If you work the cash at McD? WHATEVER!

Comment Re:Cost of living (Score 2) 100

Things that cost the same everywhere cost the same in SF. Your 401k's cap is the same. Your smart phone is the same, your kid's college education will be the same (assuming they move anyway).

If you're dumping money in rent, that may or may not make you come up ahead with the above. If you dump your money in a mortgage instead...then you're -way- ahead, unless you're expecting a massive crash before you sell.

You can also do interesting things: home renovation doesn't magically get more expensive. Labor might be a little, but the price of wood and appliances doesn't significantly change, so you can go all out.

I don't live in SF, but I still live in a high cost area, and once that mortgage is in place, your disposable income shoots up the roof. That's basically the whole reason cost of living is so high...because for a lot of people, it's worth it.

Now, I'm not gonna argue against how messed up it is, privilege, how it screws the poor over, etc. That shit has to change sooner or later before we end up in another civil war. But as far as an individual software engineer goes, it can very well be totally worth it.

Comment Re:hated language becomes a success (Score 3, Insightful) 165

Languages are not nearly as important as ecosystem. Else Haskell and co would be ruling the world of software engineering.

We're only starting to see a world where good languages are starting to catch on...but it's slow going. If the ecosystem is there, it picks up, even if the language sucks.

Comment Re:I Don't Want To Know Anybody (Score 3, Informative) 211

When you're in a residential area with high owner occupancy, sooner or later you get to know most of your neighbors. Since people are likely to stay there a while (I think average house ownership is 7 years), you're gonna bump into them enough time that you'll get to know who's who.

It makes a huge difference: if something annoyed you, you talk to them, you compromise, and you're good to go for years to come (not always easy, but easier than having to redo it every year or two)

Comment Re:Same issue with uber. (Score 1) 211

You can't take a residential space and make it a commercial one (unless zoning rules allow). And the majority of AirBNBed places are condos and apartments in buildings where the renter/owner signed documents saying they would not do this shit anyway.

So yeah, it is the same rule for everyone. You don't take residential buildings and turn them into hotels, airbnb or not.

Comment Re:In theory, yes. In practice? (Score 2) 80

I encourage you to check out the source to either JQuery or Sizzle. You'd be surprised how many workarounds are needed even for items like querySelectorAll and xhr2.

I don't really need to. I already work on a lot of large scale web apps and sites targeting IE10 and up without using jQuery, and they work fine... ::shrugs::

Comment Re:Supporting quirks is what it's FOR (Score 1) 80

Not contesting the other arguments, but for the first one...

CSS selectors are MUCH easier than using document.getElementsByTagName, document.getElementsByClassName, document.getElementById. Those are all a mouthful when I can just type $(".className") and be done with it and have terser code that is easier to read (if you know jQuery)

document.querySelectorAll does just that. If it's too much to type, just alias it. Even to the $ sign!

Comment Re:So it's useless in the real world. (Score 4, Insightful) 80

No, it really IS useless.

If you only target modern browsers, between querySelectorAll, XHR2 or fetch (ok, that will need polyfilling), and all the newer stuff that's available in 95% of browsers, jquery is very nearly useless.

The only reason to use it is to deal with older browser quirks. Once you don't need to support that, you don't need jquery.

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