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Comment Re:The human factor. And the unskilled Americans. (Score 2) 834

Your title does say it all.

America is saturated with unskilled labor. Those people need to live somehow. Until we have some kind of guaranteed base income or some such system, they need a job.

Aside refugees from extreme conditions, it's difficult to me, morally, to "help" massive amounts of semi-skilled foreigners when our neighbors might be wondering where their next meal will come. They should come first. The whole "you can't help others if you can't help yourself".

We can't save the world. We just can't.

Now that doesn't mean these work visas should not exist. There is totally a need and large benefits for having visa programs for high skill immigrants where there's real needs. And stuff like H1B should be exclusively used for that.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 277

Bingo. We have a winner.

Microsoft is pushing hard for Windows lap-tops to no longer be shitty (eg: trackpad), and they're pushing Linux on Windows (until these updates are released its not really useful: it's missing important stuff such as file watching, etc).

Once this is all in, it's going to be in pretty good shape. Just missing a few things like an Alfred alternative that doesn't suck, but that's not as important.

Comment Re:Compre to Boston's Big Dig (Score 1) 408

The cost isn't so much an issue as the fact that these things are always underscoped, even though you can do 5 minutes of research and get a more accurate estimate by tossing a random ballpark.

My hometown in Canada had the same issue with a subway project. It was delayed years and years and cost 4x more than estimate.

But when people started bitching, the officials pointed out it was still the cheapest project of its category in the world.

Its like, if you knew that...why did you scope it as 1/4th of the cheapest project in its category? Obviously that wouldn't work?

Politicians will politic.

Comment Re:But the median college-educated.... (Score 2) 495

Yup. The previous generations worked very, VERY hard to devalue anything that didn't involve academics. So now, all of those "diploma-less" jobs pay less.

But the jobs that require a degree are not necessarily that valuable, and not everyone is fit (or interested in) for it. So now you have a bunch of people working their ass off to be worse off, and the fallback options are no longer considered valuable.

Comment it could be replaced though (Score 1) 229

IMO, Amazon "owns" the market the same way Palm, and then Microsoft, owned the PDA segment back then, or Blackberry for smartphones: they had it all, didn't make it good enough to be mainstream, and then Apple came and in 24 hours it was over for the other 2.

Amazon very well might keep its lead, but someone who does it better faster could come and steal it all.

Comment Re:Simple option (Score 1) 400

HB1 worker to say $100K

And there lies the problem. The USA is a large country. For some of the jobs being outsourced, 100k is an entry level salary. You have to compare apple to apple. For some jobs, 80k would be well above market rate. For others, 120k is pocket change.

When you add location into the mix, it becomes even more convoluted. You'd need a complex system that takes every role and every locations into account, using passed statistics, etc, else it would still be abused (eg: H1Bs working for a NYC firm from Mississippi or whatever. Or people "hired" for a "tech support job" doing software engineering).

The laws already have checks to prevent abuse. They're just not enforced properly. What is needed is someone to actually look and say "Well, if a foreign worker is replacing an -existing- employee, then obviously its abuse".

No amount of number tricks and magic will fix this.

Comment Re:Difficult situation (Score 1) 197

Totally. But it does mean having that option in the Facebook advertisement control panel thingy is legit, but when used wrong, the advertiser should be punished hard.

Which is made trickier by the fact that its Facebook showing the ads, even if its someone else buying them. Facebook could micro manage the ads, but then its the same issue as Youtube trying to enforce copyright.

Comment Re:Stay the hell out of my PRIVATE PROPERTY NY NAZ (Score 1) 160

even landlords can't do whatever they want with their properties. I dunno why you think its that simple.

Real estate have community value far beyond just their material one. We treat them specially in a lot of have neighbors who have right too, people have rights to homes, tenants have rights. This isn't the bullshit taxi cartel we're talking about here. This shit can make or break people's lives.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 5, Interesting) 160

This is such a stupid argument. If Im good enough I can literally kill someone without any proof. Should we make murder legal?

Yeah, some shit is hard to prove, doesn't mean it should be legal if its genuinely hurting people and we decide it should not.

The distinction between residential and commercial establishment has been a staple for a long time, and it has a lot of value (if only so your neighbors can exercise their right of quiet enjoyment of THEIR properties, which I'd argue, is vastly more important than your freedom to rent it out).

Thats without even counting the insane amount of people who AirBNB condos after signing papers saying they wont (short term rentals are very frequently banned in condo associations). So fuck em.

Comment Re:Why not public works programs? (Score 1) 917

i think you need to do all of those things. Some people have disabilities or things that prevent them from working. Have basic income for those. Streets need cleaning and parks need maintaining. Have basic jobs for those that give a bit more money than basic income.

Then there's always going to be SOME work that can't be easily automated. Thats the higher end jobs.

And let people pick. Its probably cheaper at that point to just let people go on basic income than it is to enforce and track it down.

The one issue is you have to bound the problem. If you just let anyone and everyone come in the country to get basic income, that will fall apart and be unmanageable. You need to have some form of control. Not "lets build a wall" control, but more than "let everyone come in and do whatever the hell they want".

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