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Comment Re:First? But really... (Score 1) 146

This is new. This is a $9 a month fee to play all you want to play. You then don't have to pay for any of the games that are part of this program. As long as you keep paying the $9 a month you can play any of the games as much as you want. You can still pay the 'retail' price for a game if you don't want to pay a subscription fee as well.

Comment Re:Is It Only Through iTMS Application? (Score 1) 271

Not quite 40k worth of songs to be sure. As to the number..not 100% sure off the top of my head. My wife has a lot of stuff on there that I don't even look at! But I would have to say probably in the neighborhood of 10k with podcasts. Beyond that there is a ton of photos & videos as well. And probably around 8 gigs worth of apps in there, though I'm not sure how those would impact the system. And with that I don't think I have ever seen ITunes max out the single core that I have on that laptop. I would have to say I doubt the Apple markets/aims for the 40k+ song users. They are more looking toward the mainstream. That seems to be their general aim most times with their 'home media' stuff. So it may be a matter of 'why tweak something that works for most of our users, and not for that small percentage of folks'. or I could be completely wrong!

Comment Re:Is It Only Through iTMS Application? (Score 1) 271

Well I think it seems to be certainly hit or miss. I have, personally, never had a problem with ITunes. I have it running on my three year old laptop, which I use to Sync my IPod and IPhone with and it works just fine. I think if anything the problem they probably face with ITunes is that they are used to programming for 'one platform'(Mac). And in the PC world that just does not always cut it. The diversity of hardware is quite large in the realm O' PCs.

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