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Submission + - RSA security attack demo deep-fries Apple Mac components ( 2

coondoggie writes: How bad can cyberattacks get? How about burning the internal components of a machine, whether PC or Mac, to a crisp so there's no thought of it being recoverable? That's what security vendor CrowdStrike showed could be done to an Apple Mac OS X today at the RSA Conference. “We can actually set the machine on fire,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, chief technology officer at CrowdStrike....

Comment Compulsion? (Score 1) 308

I don't have my home servers and desktop/laptops, for either my current or future employers. I'm likely just a compulsive tech person. I do know if i haven't coded something for a while, for my personal self, i get itchy fingers, and have a NEED to increase my skills/try something new. Ie. I'm working on an android app... not because I don't get enough work at 'work', but because i have this cool phone and would really like to see what i can MAKE it do.... it's a compulsion thing. It has been my experience that the most 'competent' programmers/tech people, have a 'need', that is as strong as most drug addictions, and doing extra stuff at home just allows you to focus on the things you are PERSONALLY interested in vs. work you HAVE to do.

Comment Serious Work... (Score 1) 127

I can see this doing the masses like iphone, iwhatever.... and maybe some biz apps, but to do serious work like software development? I just can't see this being a viable tool to get the job done. Problems include at LEAST:

a) limited screen space
b) limited input interface

i keep waiting for a star trek style interface, or maybe matrix style...... but no matter how many times I talk, yell or otherwise verbally abuse my computer, it NEVER complains and NEVER does what I ask.... stupid keyboards... so limiting...


Ideal, and Actual, IT Performance Metrics? 321

An anonymous reader writes "Recently it was revealed that our company measures IT performance by the time it takes to close trouble tickets. I consider IT's primary goal to be as transparent to the user as possible, thus this metric was rather troubling to me. Shouldn't we be focused on reducing calls, rather than simply closing them quickly? My question is: How is your IT performance measured, and how do you think it should be measured?"

NASA To Trigger Massive Explosion On the Moon In Search of Ice 376

Hugh Pickens writes "NASA is preparing to launch the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, which will fly a Centaur rocket booster into the moon, triggering a six-mile-high explosion that scientists hope will confirm whether water is frozen in the perpetual darkness of craters near the moon's south pole. If the spacecraft launches on schedule at 12:51 p.m. Wednesday, it will hit the moon in the early morning hours of October 8 after an 86-day Lunar Gravity-Assist, Lunar Return Orbit that will allow the spacecraft time to complete its two-month commissioning phase and conduct nearly a month of science data collection of polar crater measurements before colliding with the moon just 10 minutes behind the Centaur." (Continues, below.)

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