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Comment Definition of Faith (Score 1) 1258

I used to believe as they did, but after actually reading the Bible for myself, I've come to see that most of the crazy ideas thrown around by Bible-believers are ironically thrown around because they haven't actually read and analyzed the Bible.

The definition of faith straight out of the Bible (Hebrews 11:1, emphasis mine):

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Many people who claim to believe the Bible also say "Well, you've just got to have faith." What they are describing is blind faith, which goes against the very teaching of the Bible. According to the very book they claim to believe, faith defined as something based on tangible evidence. However, much of what they believe has absolutely no tangible evidence.

Comment maybe its just me... (Score 1) 1057

...but my "test" wasn't so bad. I basically was interviewed by my boss on one day, where he checked to see if I brushed my teeth, and knew how do dress professionally. Then I had an interview with the previous IT guy. The previous IT guy (who was on great terms with my boss) just told my boss that I passed. That was it. I can totally understand not wanting to be tested during an interview, because for one of MANY reasons, it is insulting, to be honest. I, personally didn't find MY interview with the prior IT guy insulting, because he was good and could tell I could fill his shoes. I can definitely see the problem with the boss, who has no idea what I'me even supposed to be doing, interviewing me. He wouldn't know if I was BS-ing him or actually telling him answers from my experience. If you are being tested by another IT professional, I find that it reflects the boss's want for quality work. If it is that insulting, then by all means, get a non-insulting boss. You just might be looking for a day or two longer for work.

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