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Defeating China's National Firewall 370

Bruce Schneier is reporting on his blog that a recent paper is discussing how to defeat China's national firewall. From the article: "However, because the original packets are passed through the firewall unscathed, if both of the endpoints were to completely ignore the firewall's reset packets, then the connection will proceed unhindered! We've done some real experiments on this -- and it works just fine!! Think of it as the Harry Potter approach to the Great Firewall -- just shut your eyes and walk onto Platform 9¾."

Google Moving PRC Records Out of China 267

Lam1969 writes "Google says it is moving search records out of China and back to the U.S. to prevent the Chinese government from accessing them, reports Computerworld. Additionally, the company will let Chinese users know when search results are being censored. According to Peter Norvig, Google's director of research, 'Some of the people want to query about democracy, but most of them just want to know about their pop stars.'"

Slashback: Enigma, Google, Java Games 120

Slashback tonight brings some corrections, clarifications, and updates to previous Slashdot stories, including Enigma security concerns, German ISP targets net companies "free lunch", Total Information Awareness program lives on, Higgins takes on Microsoft, Google answers analyst concerns, Patriot Act provision not just for terrorists, and Java 4K game contest submissions available -- Read on for details.

Comment What Kind of Impact Do You Expect to Have? (Score 1) 545

I recall hearing from people who have worked at Microsoft who have had ideas on what can be done to improve products. What they mentioned was that there is very much bureaucratic red tape that they must go through in order for their ideas to be considered. Perhaps some people at Microsoft may take your input seriously. But considering the many public statements that they have made regarding open source software, do you believe that you will have much impact on Microsoft's overall strategy for dealing with open source software?

Journal Journal: The Price of Comic Relief on Slashdot

As of the time that I am writing this, I, so far, have only come up with one post that was given the "funny" modifer. That was this post here. It was one of the first times I came up with an attempt at humour, and it wasn't the last. It isn't something that I do very often, as the contributions that I try to make here usually include adding to the serious discussions and contributing stories. This is because I think I'm bett
User Journal

Journal Journal: Who Am I? 2

So I got this account here on Slashdot and I've been making plently of use of it. But something I haven't done yet is make use of this journal that I have here. It was said in the FAQ on this site that what I write here doesn't really matter to those who run the site. So what I am I going to do? I'm going to make some use of this journal. To record my thoughts, opinions, whatever is going through my mind at a time that I want to record my thoughts. So how should I start? Maybe I'll just write a

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