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Comment Re:Not many morals in the federation really (Score 1) 485

If you think everyone would just sit on their asses and mooch off the replicators, I think you are wrong.

Current status of our welfare systems seems to disagree.

Maybe you grew up at least middle class or better, without ever worrying about what's for dinner. Or maybe you grew up poor and are like some former smokers that constantly berate others that still have the habit? As for dinner, is going to be leftovers again? Good, at least there are leftovers.

I'm curious how the current status of our welfare system is different then it was decades ago when my single mother was doing the best she could to make sure my brother and I had food to eat. So, we got food stamps, we got free and awful cheese from our benevolent USDA overlords, and my mom was working her ass off. Two weeks after I turned 16 I got a job working at McDonald's for $3.35 and hour. I was in the Civil Air Patrol by then doing very good and interesting things, because I had enough nutrition and a damned roof over my head, instead of a bridge and a cardboard box. Eventually I served in the Army, but I was always a geek and so here I am now.

We were poor, you stereotyping asshole, and we weren't fucking lazy all the time. I really wish you people that equate needing assistance with laziness were required spend a few years eating government cheese. Or how about military service in a combat zone for all of you entitled jerks? :)

Comment Re:Not many morals in the federation really (Score 1) 485

One of my other favorite Dr. Who 'isms: Any being with awe-inspiring powers must have an equally large power supply somewhere. Find it. Unplug it.

None of this Q nonsense.

Q! I was flipping through channels the other night and saw TNG on BBC America, and what do you know: I found a Q episode again. He is irreverent, amusing in his own sadistic way, but really I wish he'd never been thought of by whoever was high on LSD, whiskey and whatever it takes to make one come up with an omnipotent Q. The humans on trial episode... oh I'll just quit now :)

Comment Re:Wrong! (Score 2) 485

A fundamental part of the USA symbolism. You have flags and songs and all sorts of symbols, to tell you that everything is true and right and you don't need to look at the man behind the curtain.

Which country or society does not have symbols? Or songs? Flags have been around for ages, too. Sheesh. You want to paint 245 million+ adult people that live in the US as suck-ass consumers, without even pondering how many *want* to look at the "man behind the curtain" and who's guard is certainly not down. You've been watching too many Hollywood movies.

Who believes everything that a government does, being run by humans like us, is always "true and right?" Wherever you're from, I'm sure you can read your own history books and see that your ancestors likely acted in your collective best interest, but not necessarily that of your neighbors. Sorry to say, despite some fine accomplishments, the US's fuckups tend to have far-flung consequences, but I take exception when someone stereotypes such a diverse collection of people as moronic drones. Wouldn't you?

Anyway, I've never seen dog catcher on a ballot. It's an interesting idea though, which perhaps I'll bring up at a city council meeting or, better yet, create a petition on the white house's web site.

Comment DoD too, or just civilians? (Score 1) 123

I've been trying to find out whether the breach of background investigation info also includes military. I underwent an FBI background check in the 90's, and if there are 21 million records stolen, I have a feeling mine could be one of them. The paperwork I had to fill out pretty much told my life story, and I had to give names and addresses and phone numbers of people I knew. Which the FBI didn't talk to, they asked for others that knew me from those 5. Hell they even interviewed my high school counselor.

Regardless I am not feeling worried. What would the Chinese want with me nowadays? :-) Still a bit creepy though.

Comment Re:buy low sell high (Score 1) 552

I guess I should've taken that $2k offer my 3 digit UID when I chance. It's been a fun 18 years or so, but the future of /. doesn't seem to bright.

Wait, what? Is that for real, $2k? LOL. I didn't come across /. for a couple years after it got really going, hence never had an offer to sell my UID.

As for the future, I'm going to try and be optimistic.

Comment Re:Fail2ban (Score 1) 157

And when I'm in a really bad mood and your source IP comes from HINET, I'll just block your entire subnet. Permanently. Because if there are actually any honest people on HINET, they're just lonely little fish in the shark tank.

I outright block smtp connections from them and any hosts that match these. There is nothing coming from hinet worth accepting.

Comment Re:Flawed statistics are flawed (Score 1) 114

Nope. Sorry. Spam is alive and well as it always was. But more and more companies are switching to mail for sending their bills.

I think you meant email for sending bills. Yes that's a good thing. I still stuff envelopes for those who refuse to get invoices via email.

And no, the spam problem is still alive and well. I responded to a user earlier who said he only gets 1 or 2 spams a month in his inbox, so no spam problem. He neglected completely all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into that excellent result. But there is still a ton of cpu time all over the planet dedicated to filtering that shit out!

I'm tired of spammers, seriously tired.

Comment Re:Does anyone pay attention to the music in films (Score 1) 66

While he's largely a TV guy, I'm a big fan of Bear McCreary. He did Battlestar Galactic and likely several other sci-fi shows you watch.

Oh for sure. I mean, it only took the opening scene of BSG to get me pretty hooked and the music just added to the awesome factor. Then it just got better!

And there seem to be many trolls saying this isn't news for nerds and yada yada. But they likely did not watch Wrath of Khan in a theater at first release. I was just closing in on being a teenager. Sometimes the music gets stuck in my head I have so many neurons dedicated to its storage! Hah.

Seriously though, we'll never know now his future compositions. Damn!

Comment Re:ads with audio, wtf (Score 1) 212

Load up slashdot, audio starts playing automatically -- from an ad! I hit the mute button on the ad and it doesn't work! Audio still plays. I was having some decency in not using adblockers so /. still gets the ad revenue. Now I will likely never return. Screw you slashdot. Then, I have to put up with a terrible article that makes no sense. Slashdot died after Dice tookover, sorry.

I agree the ad load can be atrocious. They tend to slow down my chromebook, and once I watched my router for traffic when I loaded up slashdot, and oh boy was it sending a google of requests to dozens of places.

One solution is to log in and maintain excellent karma, that way you may get a neat little check box that says "Disable Ads". Once in awhile they remove it but eventually it comes back. I have no idea what heuristics they use to determine you're eligible. But I don't get why there are so many ACs around. You all aren't slashdotting from work _all the time_ are you?

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