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Comment Re:Looking forward to this headache (Score 1) 471

I'm in the same boat. I love the car, also feel deceived and worried that performance will suffer if I "get an update". I dug through some links, but I didn't see any actual numbers on the difference besides the "40X" more. 40X more what? NOx? Where's my before and after, and a market comparison?

I doubt they will get the per-vehicle max fine. There's no way they can pay $37k on a $22K car, but I am sure there will be some shake up of VW holdings. Perhaps the Porsche dudes take over (there's been an internal VW power struggle recently)? Or perhaps Bentley or Lambo is sold off to cover some fines?

Comment Re:version craziness (Score 1) 128

Yes, there's a big jump. But this release is significant because it brings two popular forks back together.

In one sense, this is the magic of the open source community and work: differences erupt, forks are drawn and then things cool down and a single code base emerges. The creation of the Node Foundation and uniting into a single code base means that we can torture Slashdot with stories of server-side Javascript for years to come.

Submission + - Egyptian researchers develop low-cost method for turning saltwater into fresh (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt have developed a promising new method that can turn salt water into fresh water in just a few minutes. The new technique could be the cost-effective and quick breakthrough we've been looking for to help battle the global water crisis.

Comment MUMPS, ancient and rarely used (Score 5, Interesting) 166

I have a doctor friend who, before becoming a doctor, was a CS grad. He's in his 50's now. When I told him we hired someone from Epic Systems that knew MUMPS, he exclaimed, "They still use that?! MUMPS was going out of style back when I was an undergrad!"

I believe it is also still used in older banking/financial tools.

Comment Re:Need to be adjustable (Score 1) 340

I'm in my early 40's, and I'm starting to run into a variety of back problems from poor posture / poor back muscle tone, as well as carpal tunnel ...

Me as well, but I've found regular exercise does more to help the back issues than the sit-stand desk. At work I have an Uplift Desk and I usually start the day standing, but usually sit for 30 minutes for every hour of standing. I have my computer call out the time every half hour so I remember to switch positions.

We've had a few on-site training sessions at my office, and I've given up my chair for the day because it has been crowded. The desk is comfortable enough to stand (changing heights from low-stand to high-stand-and-lean-on) all day, but I think I'd have to work up to standing full-time.

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