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Google Releases Street View Images From Fukushima Ghost Town 63

mdsolar writes in with news that Goolge has released Street View pictures from inside the zone that was evacuated after the Fukushima disaster. "Google Inc. (GOOG) today released images taken by its Street View service from the town of Namie, Japan, inside the zone that was evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011. Google, operator of the world's biggest Web search engine, entered Namie this month at the invitation of the town's mayor, Tamotsu Baba, and produced the 360-degree imagery for the Google Maps and Google Earth services, it said in an e-mailed statement. All of Namie's 21,000 residents were forced to flee after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the town, causing the world's worst nuclear accident after Chernobyl. Baba asked Mountain View, California-based Google to map the town to create a permanent record of its state two years after the evacuation, he said in a Google blog post."

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable (Score 4, Insightful) 338

Why do I see this as a chance for the service provider to stick it to us again? "Oh you want 'SPAM' messages filtered out? Yeah, that will be an additional $9.99 per month." Then they will try to find a way to block 3rd party apps from blocking SPAM so you have to use their service or root/jailbreak your phone to avoid unsolicited messages.

Submission + - The ISP that pledges to put your privacy first (

jez9999 writes: Nicholas Merrill is planning to revolutionize online privacy by launching a non-profit ISP that would do everything it could to protect users' privacy via mobile connections, and landline connections from $20 a month.

The ISP would try to challenge any orders from the government for data disclosure that were questionable in court; that is, if they even have the capability to release the private information requested. "The idea that we are working on is to not be capable of complying" with requests from the FBI for stored e-mail and similar demands, Merrill says.


Submission + - Assessing Media Bias: Microsoft Vs. Apple Vs. Google Vs. Facebook (

snydeq writes: "J. Peter Bruzzese questions whether Microsoft receives unfair criticism in the media, while Apple, Facebook, and Google seem to get away from missteps unscathed. 'I've noticed an unfair, ongoing trend: If Microsoft does something a little off, it gets bashed into the ground for it. But if Google, Facebook, or Apple (all three of which can be categorized, like Microsoft, as The Man in their own rights) missteps, it generally gets mild reprimands and even support from the media and those drinking the Kool-Aid.' Do you feel any inherent media bias in its coverage of the tech industry?"

Submission + - iphone 4s for free (

krazzyrockerz writes: "wanna grab ur own amazing iphone 4s for free..... then here is a great deal...... follow the link.....engage urself in some promotional activities.....earn points......ultimately win iphone 4s for free..... absolutely working"

Submission + - SPAM: Solar Home, Solar Car

solarenergyworld writes: "Solar energy is an exciting field (ok, maybe not to everyone, but we LOVE it) and each week brings exciting new technologies and opportunities. From time to time we like to highlight news related to solar energy, beyond that standard photovoltaic, rooftop panel, and how it may change the future of how we operate. With exploding demand for solar powered homes, more and more home owners are finding new ways to use their cheap, unlimited energy resource, and change the way they work, live, and play."
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Submission + - BlackBerry 10 is a failure that won't be able to c (

An anonymous reader writes: Thanks to one of our most trusted sources, BGR now has new information on what’s going on inside Research In Motion, and the picture it paints isn’t a pretty one.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - A $50,000 obsolete cellphone

An anonymous reader writes: Gresso has come out with a $50K phone sporting 5 ounces of gold (great for making it lightweight!) and sapphire crystal skin. Inside that not-particularly-impressive looking skin is a Symbian S40 OS, so you can further impress your supplicants with your inability to match the features of their $100 phones. Combine it with some $1K sunglasses and a set of low-quality Prada headphones and you can really impress eveyonw with your inability to spend wisely.

Submission + - Hyperdemocracy anyone? 9

GoodNewsJimDotCom writes: Hyperdemocracy is a system where all the citizens of the country vote for the decisions of the country instead of having elected officials. Can someone make a site with encryption and security that could confirm users as unique citizens? Or is this impossible to do? I think if you made a site like this, you could make it go live, and use it to track to make sure Congress is doing what the people want. Finally in an unstable world as we have today, this hyperdemocracy might even be adopted by new regimes.

Submission + - 17-year-old wins $100K for creating cancer-killing (

An anonymous reader writes: 17-year-old Angeloa Zhang was recently awarded the $100,000 Grand Prize in the Individual category of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology. Her project was entitled “Design of Image-guided, Photo-thermal Controlled Drug Releasing Multifunctional Nanosystem for the Treatment of Cancer Stem Cells." The creation is the so-called “Swiss army knife of cancer treatment” which allows a nanoparticle to be delivered to a tumor where is proceeds to kills cancer stem cells.

Submission + - SPAM: 7 Best Free Android Weather Apps

An anonymous reader writes: Weather applications play an essential role in helping people make informed decisions about day-to-day activities. Having the latest forecasts on the move can be extremely valuable. This type of software also provides timely warnings of extreme weather, to help people protect life and property.

There is a huge range of weather applications for the Android platform. To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have whittled them down to 7 high quality free Android weather applications. Hopefully there will be something of interest here for anyone who wants to immediately find out the latest weather forecasts.

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Submission + - Anonymous coward

Mentrom123 writes: I'm the one who wrote the Shadow Hawk summary. I didn't know if I had to pay to make an account. Sorry. *I don't even think anyone cares =-P"
The Internet

Submission + - Gigabit Internet, $69.99 (

NicknamesAreStupid writes: Ars Technica is reporting that a small company,, is selling 1Gbps fiber for seventy bucks per month. Sound too good to be true? Well, they are not everywhere. In fact, they are not anywhere outside of California. Their first fiber deployment is at Stanford University, otherwise known as IMP 2 of the original ARPAnet (SRI was still part of Stanford then). If they are successful, then AT&T's U-verse and Comcast's Xfinity (a tenth the bandwidth at a greater cost) might seem tiny by comparison.

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