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Comment Re: No Shit (Score 1) 100

Why is it the carrier's responsibility to patch someone else's handset? The device manufacturers should be making the patches and distributing them via the fucking internet. Let the carrier's be a dumb pipe - it's what they are best at. And if the device manufacturers don't patch their shit, don't buy their shit and go with someone who does.

I've never understood why people think that AT&T or Verizon should be writing and distributing patches for the thousands of shitty phones they sell - Best Buy doesn't make patches for all the shitty laptops and tablets they sell, and neither do the ISPs that connect them to the internet - it comes from the OEM or the OS publisher. In fact, the only retail relationship I can think of where the retailer is responsible for updates to something manufactured by someone else is with cars. And that works sooooo well that we should absolutely replicate that model with phones and tablets....

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 103

As it's been said before, that's not the fault of "android" - that's the fault of shitty manufacturers.

Nvidia just released Android 7 for the Shield K1 tablet, even though they've discontinued production. Not a whole lot of other manufacturers out there that would continue development on something they no longer sell.

And that tablet is still one of the best (if not THE best) 8-inch android tablet you can buy, even though it's 14 months old. Every manufacturer is sitting atop a big pile of laurels right now, and wondering why the market is shrinking.

Comment Re:Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 3, Insightful) 103

That's because Apple has been ignoring the iPad Mini for like 3+ years now. Seriously, what have they done with it since putting the Retina display in it? Add the TouchID that all other iOS devices have, and throw us a bone with storage. It's the red-headed stepchild of tablets. If you really want to make it look like shit, compare it to the Nvidia Shield K1 that is now like 14 months old, and better in every way at practically half the price.

I really like the form factor of the iPad Mini, but Apple seems hell bent on not making products I want, and in fact killing off the line of products that are even close.

Comment Re:If it's legal... (Score 1) 448


What austerity measures has New Zealand enacted that is causing suffering and dying again? All because greedy corporations don't pay more taxes than the duly passed laws require? And if New Zealand is capable of enacting austerity measures (they haven't) due to not having enough tax revenue coming in, why can't they change the laws to enhance revenue coming from corporations?

Short version: You don't know what you are talking about, or you are talking about something completely unrelated to this article and discussion.

Comment Re:If it's legal... (Score 1) 448

They're only "screwing*" those nations because those nations allow it through inaction. They are sovereign entities that have 100% capability to change their taxation laws to stop the "screwing*"

They are 100% in control here, and the company can only suck it up if they want to continue doing business there. So why is there all this outrage when a company follows the laws?

*Yeah, not actually being screwed when they have all the means necessary to prevent it, and in fact reverse the screwing should they want to.

Comment Re: American corporations are evil (Score 1) 448

You really aren't reading what he's saying.

Here's a clue: The taxes the corporation pays, is money coming from the customer. If you think the corporation ever pays taxes out of their own coffers without making a deliberate decision to price goods underneath the total cost to bring them to market (including taxes) you have no idea how a company (or an economy) operates.

Comment Re: That's their job (Score 1) 448

The end consumer always pays. Any taxes or expenses to bring the product to market are included in the sale price. So sure, if you want the prices of these items to go up by 10%, feel free to find a way to start taxing Apple 10% more. They aren't going to eat it - they pass it on, just like every other business.

Comment Re: That's their job (Score 0) 448

What's your point?

Do you pay more taxes than you have to? Neither does Apple. If you want Apple to pay more tax, change the tax law to make it happen.

I can't fault a corporation for doing what is legal, and what every single other taxpayer does - reduce the amount of tax they owe by legal means. Besides, you're acting like New Zealand isn't still getting plenty of revenues from sales tax / VAT / etc. from these high priced items.

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