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Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

Please now back up your assertion that there is some magical affordable GPU out there that can render modern 3D software at 4K or 8K at a constant 60 fps with a link to some kind of... what do we call it? proof.

This isn't for simple video playback, numb nuts. This is for 3D render, and massively parallel floating point math (read: CUDA apps).

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 88

Sound cards, at their core, are just creating analog frequencies from a digital source. This is a well understood mature technology, so there's not much to do there except reducing distortion and improving snr.

GPUs however, still have a scale issue - simplistically, the more pixels you drive, the more horsepower you need in the GPU. If we would have stayed at 1024x768 then the GPUs we have today would be massive overkill. But we didn't - a 4k display has more pixels than 10 1024x768 displays, and we're doing far more math per pixel now then we were in 2001 with that bitchin dual Voodoo2 setup doing SLI. And we're not slowing down on the scale either - Apple already has 5k displays in iMacs, and you may have noticed that practically all manufacturers are stuffing more pixels per inch into even small devices in order to get better quality displays - all of this requires far more GPU power to work.

Comment Re:Doowylloh Accounting (Score 1) 130

I get the sentiment, but we've always got people crowing about corporations not taking the long view in favor of pumping up the next quarter's filing. What if the numbers from this 10-Q don't match what she's saying because Yahoo is looking farther than 3 months ahead?

Given track record, it's unlikely, but still.

Comment Re: Oh good, another subsidy... (Score 1) 86

That's all well and good, except that the past shows that conditions the government impose have no actual teeth behind them. Nobody bothers to check to see if the conditions are met, and if someone finds out the conditions were not met, nobody bothers to actually impose any sanctions or punishment whatsoever.

We're now 20 years into the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and very little of it has actually been implemented, other than the excise tax that the telecom companies happily cash the check on, and never deliver what it's supposed to be paying for.

Comment Oh good, another subsidy... (Score 4, Insightful) 86

Yet another subsidy to the telecoms to not deliver what they promise, and then go completely ignored by the government.

my bi-directional 45Mbit access from the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that should have been available 10 years ago according to the Act, and the hundreds of billions of dollars paid in the form of excise taxes by the public.

Comment Re:Glad to see it's bipartisan (Score 1) 212

Polls are used to predict, but the poll itself predicts nothing other than what the people polled would do right now. Statistical sampling allows extrapolation within a margin of error, and if there is a trend in the tracking polls where someone is consistently ahead, it's probably time to stop talking about margins of error, unless there is a consistent problem with the sample being polled, or the poll isn't asking the right questions and introduces bias.

Also, Future Trump could make some huge gaffe - this time one that people who like him for the job actually care about, unlike all the other numerous gaffes that they seem to not give a shit about. Or Future Clinton could have a massive stroke and Sanders gets the nomination after all, making this previous polling data completely useless.

Todays poll would have nothing to say about those events.

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