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Comment Re:Somewhat OT. Bill Gates (Score 1) 464

Or he has an unstable prescription. I'm not a candidate as it requires your prescription to be the same for 2+ years and mine has never been the same two years in a row, I've even had to go back at 6 months because I noticed my correction was too weak. I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade for nearsightedness and my eyes got progressively worse until about age 34, now they're slowly getting better, but at age 38, I think that reading glasses are going to be coming my way soon. I'

Permanent Undersea Homes Soon; Temporary Ones Now 122

MMBK writes "Dennis Chamberland is one of the world's preeminent aquanauts. He's worked with NASA to develop living habitats and underwater plant growth labs, among other cool things. His next goal is establishing the world's first permanent underwater colony. This video gets to the heart of his project, literally and figuratively, as most is shot in his underwater habitat, Atlantica, off the coast of Key Largo, FL. The coolest part might be the moon pool, the room you swim into underwater."

Comment Re:Whine all you want, it's still an awesome game (Score 1) 209

Bioshock is/was an amazing game, one of the few gays to truly elicit an emotional response from me while playing. It remains the only game I've unlocked every achievement for on the 360, as I wanted to find everything in the world. The play-through where I doggedly hunted down every audio diary in the game really made me a fan, as once you hear all the stories being told (with excellent voice actors) by the end of the game, you can actually start to feel very sorry for the splicers you have to kill. Bioshock is more of a tale of tragedy, less so of vengeance and war, which is what most of the FPS genre is about.

A special mention also has to be made for Sander Cohen, who is one of the most memorable game characters ever. Playing through Fort Frolic still creeps me out, and the audio diary with him reading his poem "The Wild Bunny" is one of the most chilling pieces of game audio ever.
First Person Shooters (Games)

BioShock 2 Released 209

BioShock 2 launched today for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows, ending the wait for a sequel to the original 2007 blockbuster. The events in BioShock 2 take place 10 years after the story from the original game. This time around, players control a prototype Big Daddy in an attempt to overthrow the new leader of Rapture. Early reviews for the game are quite strong, though the developers were prepared for fan backlash over some of the changes they made. The Guardian's Nicky Woolf praises the new storyline, and adds that "there is a fundamentally excellent shooter here too, with some of the best combat dynamics in the business." Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Alec Meer also had good things to say about the combat: "I can't stress this enough – as a game about shooting people, it's very responsive and very rewarding." However, Meer expressed disappointment that some of the impressive new concept art didn't get used and that the story and environment couldn't match the novelty of the original game. "Part of Rapture's great wonder was that it was just believable enough, if you squinted your brain a bit (or a lot), but this lathers on so much wild sci-fi that it's much harder to connect to it. The Sisters are elevated from horrifying genetic/psychological experiment into all-powerful messiah figures capable of pulling any old deus ex machina out of the hat. Making them into so much reduces the power and the sadness of what they are. As a result, the concept feels too exhausted to ever be used again."

"Perpetual Motion DeLorean" Scammers Face $26M Judgment 243

An anonymous reader writes "Back in 2002, we discussed a story about the so-called 'Perpetual Motion DeLorean,' which could 'supposedly go "hundreds of miles" at speeds over 100MPH without stopping to recharge.' More than seven years later, the final shoe has dropped on this saga, with a $26 million judgment against Carl Tilley and his wife, who propagated this scam that ran for several years. Probably the height of its audacity was when Tilley told his shareholders in May of 2002 that GE had offered $2 billion 'sight unseen' to buy out the technology."

Best Backup Server Option For University TV Station? 272

idk07002 writes 'I have been tasked with building an offsite backup server for my university's television station to back up our Final Cut Pro Server and our in-office file server (a Drobo), in case the studio spontaneously combusts. Total capacity between these two systems is ~12TB. Not at all full yet, but we would like the system to have the same capacity so that we can get maximum life out of it. It looks like it would be possible to get rack space somewhere on campus with Gigabit Ethernet and possibly fiber coming into our office. Would a Linux box with rsync work? What is the sweet spot between value and longevity? What solution would you use?'

Comment Re:That alone doesn't mean your laptop will work. (Score 1) 835

I think you mean 802.1x, not 802.11x, which doesn't exist, as far as I know. :) Any ResNet system worth its salt should also have the ability to allow your device past authentication based on its MAC address. Security obviously isn't great there, but you have to do those things to allow Xboxes, PS3s, TiVos, and all manner of other devices to connect.

Comment Re:Woo! (Score 2, Informative) 427

I love it when Slashdot can't post an accurate headline. This is a flaw in SMB 2.0, which is present in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and probably Windows Server 2008 R2 as well. This is not new to 7, it's a common flaw in all the implementations of SMB 2.0. XP isn't affected because XP can't speak that protocol.

Comment Re:Gamestop blows (Score 2, Informative) 590

You might also want to check out Goozex. You trade your games to other gamers for points there. If a game is 500 points, you get all 500 points, and Goozex.com gets a buck on each transaction. It's not perfect, as you'll sometimes have to wait a few days/weeks to get the game you want, or for someone to want your game, but there's not a middleman making $30 off each used game transaction.

(Yes, that's my referral code in the Goozex link) :)

Comment Re:Fuel vs Food (Score 1) 894

IANAF: (I am not a Farmer, but I do live in Iowa) - Uh, the kind of corn you buy "on the cob" and the type turned into ethanol are not the same. Ethanol is made from "field corn" aka Yellow Dent corn. It's not something you want to eat in its raw form, and it's harvested by combines. Corn on the cob is made from sweet corn, which is not used for making ethanol. Popcorn is yet a third kind of corn... Now, the prices of various crops can affect the prices of others, but it's just because farmers may decide to plant fewer acres of soybeans if corn prices are high, or vice versa. In short, ethanol is not stealing all the sweet corn away from the Jolly Green Giant. I picked up 4 ears for a dollar at the grocery store, and ate them tonight.

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