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Journal Servo's Journal: Cyclops gets upgraded to 10.5

Not wanting to be one of those "crazy" Apple fanboys who runs out and buys the latest MacOSX release the day it comes out, I waited until the NEXT day. So here I am, a few hours after installing and playing around with Leopard on my 24inch iMac "cyclops", and being quite impressed until I tried to run Time Machine. Time Machine was one of the features that I really wanted to have and was looking forward to. One thing that Apple fails to disclose up front is that Time Machine can only back up to another 10.5 machine, direct attached disk, or an Xsan array.

I on the otherhand, cling to my multi-platform home computing environment and use a centralized NAS appliance. This allows all of my systems to share a common disk over the network so I don't have to worry about clutter on my desk or moving around a USB/FireWire drive from computer to computer. Apple will have none of that nonsense though! Oh no! The only way to back up my iMac over the network using Time Machine is to another 10.5 machine. I suppose I could install Leopard on my dual G4 "mirror" and use that as a server but I was hoping to sell that machine to help recoup costs since I will be making another trip to Japan next spring and need every penny I can save.

At any rate, I'm pretty happy with Leopard so far. There really is no compelling reason for most people to upgrade right now as far as I can tell but the features are nice, the interface improved even more, and of course, Boot Camp is now officially supported so its not a complete wash.

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Cyclops gets upgraded to 10.5

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