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Journal Servo's Journal: Power outlets and switches: What's modern and nifty?

My kitchen improvement has commenced and I'd like to update the outlets and/or wall switches. I know I need to replace one of the outlets in the kitchen to GFCI so I figured I'd replace them all with something modern.

But which models? Where to buy from? Google search isn't narrowing down what I'm looking for enough to make sense of everything. I've looked at the Insteon and X10 and think those might be overkill for both budget and what I had in mind. What'd be cool is some sleek rocker style switches or a couple motion activated ones for the lights.

At any rate, I decided to paint the kitchen red. Actually, I thought about painting and my neighbor went ahead and did it. LOL. She was bored so she cleaned and painted my kitchen today. I wish I had more neighbors like her. Once the painting is done and finances are back in order, I'm going to tile the floor. I'll probably go ceramic for the kitchen floor but I'm also eyeing granite tile for the bathroom where its more economical since its a tiny bathroom.

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Power outlets and switches: What's modern and nifty?

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