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Comment Apply for your internet license here! (Score 1) 170

No license is required to stand up a DNS server on the internet. Anyone can do it in theory. Doctors, pilots, and real engineers are held liable that their work meets guidelines set forth by government and private party specs. We don't have that in IT.

I am going to start fining people who don't have sufficient spam filters, don't maintain a failover cluster, or utilize something like cloud flare. (When pigs fly, right?)

Piss off Spamhaus and come down off your narcissistic rooftop. I never asked you to play internet vigilante for me.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 104

Well, to be useful in a computing environment you would have to convert the analog brainwaves into a digital format. Now, we can pretend that each and every manufacturer will have their own proprietary way of digitally converting these waves. Or, We can pretend that there will be an industry standardized format for converting analog brainwaves into a digital format (this is the more likely case IMO).

So, your Brainwave Pattern + Industry Standard Conversion = Valid Authentication Token. What is keeping me from taking that same token to another device that uses the same industry standard? It's not any different than a variation of a "Pass the Hash" issues encountered in our current computing culture.

Moreover, most biometric safeguards implemented today are run on top of existing authentication schemes. Do you think when you scan your fingerprint that it sends your fingerprint data to active Directory to authenticate? Doubtful. The application validates you finger print locally and then Authenticates you in an existing method i.e Kerberos, or whatever. Most Biometrics are just macros that type in your password for you behind the scenes.

In theory only one device should be able to reproduce those waves..your brain. Just like you should be the only one with access to your private keys. But I am a firm believer that anything that requires input can be tricked into accepting false inputs. Even Dildo's are a falsified input which will usually "authenticate" on the correct biometric systems.

Comment Really!? (Score 1) 484

Zuckerberg, and the others run websites for a living. Every American is qualified for a vote and an opinion; I'm all for that. But, someone please tell me at what point their opinion deserves front page attention more so than anyone of my neighbors down the street?

I would ask who gives a hoot what any of these people think...but the answer most likely would scare me.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I wish people would learn to think for themselves rather than have a celebrity make their decisions for them. I would much rather see the opinion of a political scientist / statistician on the front page when it comes down to politics. Just like I would rather see Zuckerberg's opinion on a social media issue than an unqualified political scientist.

This seems like something that could have been posted on twitter and been done with.

Comment An interesting future (Score 3, Insightful) 91

Considering the military is preparing for a future of cyber warfare. I find it interesting that we are willing to put war fighters into suits that assist with body movements. You know they will have connectivity eventually. I mean, what if the Chinese hack into the systems that control these suits. They would have a whole battalion playing twister in no time :)

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