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Submission + - Fully unlocked build of CrossOver offered Today! (codeweavers.com)

Serpent6877 writes: From codeweavers website:
For Tuesday, October 28, 2008 only, we are putting up fully unlocked builds.


About CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers' mission is to make Linux and Mac OS X fully Windows compatible operating systems. We do this through the power of Wine, which powers all of our CrossOver products. The CrossOver products make it possible to run Windows programs on Mac OS X and Linux without needing a copy or license for Windows itself.

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Submission + - MySpace pushing Firefox web browser?

Serpent6877 writes: It appears MySpace had a technical problem with one of their music players. Their main solution to the problem, switch to Firefox. Here is the quote from Tom's bulletin:

Subject: profile not loading?

Body: i'm getting a lot of reports right now from users who's profile is hanging. we've tracked it down to the music players people are using. the three site names musicplaylist.us, profileplaylist.net, and greatprofilemusic.com all seem to point to the same IP and they're all dead right now. no site. so, if you try to view your profile in IE6 or IE7 it hangs while it tries to load a music player that no longer exists.. (Note: doesn't hang in firefox) So to fix this problem, either remove your music player, or switch to Firefox.. and make all your friends switch to Firefox, cause they're going to get stuck on your page as well)

Talk about some great advertising. Tom shows having 248 million friends that just got pushed to use Firefox.

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