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Comment Re:Games (Score 0, Troll) 1365

No. Someone saw some files that related to the Linux server and jumped to conclusions. Then, as usual, Linux users started running around flapping their wings and squawking like the silly little parrots they are.

Wow. I find this very interesting since I *DID* actually use Vavle to install some native linux titles through their beta linux program. And not the server stuff either. Full fledged client. But well I must be jumping to conclusions here. I do like flapping those wings of mine like a silly parrot.

Comment Re:Games (Score 2, Informative) 1365

I don't hate windows but I do use linux and have told average users to not switch to linux or to switch depending on what was appropriate.

A) Installation IS a pain in the ass for anyone who isn't a geek with a decent amount of experience. Hell its a pain in the ass for those who DO have a decent amount of experience, especially when trying a new distro for the first time that has a wholly different install experience.

That is just a load of crap. Installation of XP and Vista are both a bigger pain the arse then linux is. In fact, I have 2 friends who convert over to linux BECAUSE they could not get XP to install on their computer and use their hardware. And it "just works" under linux. And I've seen far too many people who have actually tried both admit that linux is easier to install and it just work. Almost never have I seen the opposite to be true.

Coming pre-installed from manufacturer is not the same as installing from scratch.

B) Driver support sucks.

Yes. For printers and network cards you can actually use the windows drivers and they work perfectly. For everything else, if it doesn't come out of the box with linux, well that sucks big time. Sound drivers are the biggest problems I have found with linux. The cheaper sound hardware "mostly" works but constantly crashes, locks up, or other crap. Only thing I have found to be as good or better then the windows version is the soundblaster live drivers.

C) Software selection leaves a lot to be desired.

This is a true statement. Though I personally would argue that MS keeps pushing people out of their software selection as well. But that is a b*tch session really and not appropriate here.

D) Games. I don't think I really need to expound upon this one.

Yup the lack of linux adoption has caused the lack of game titles to appear on linux.

that gaming on Linux SUCKS ASS because most games don't work on Linux.

A lot of the popular titles do have native linux versions and some games run better on linux then on windows. Not all but most of them (making statement using nvidia drivers, milage may vary with other drivers)

Windows can be as secure as any other OS out there.

Sure anything can be secure. The real question is how much intelligence does it require. Your average joe *cannot* make it more secure the linux. The average joe never has to think and linux is 99% more secure for them then windows.

And woe be to he who has a custom compiled kernel.

Nobody. And why were you even wrambling about all that I don't understand. Nobody compiles the kernel anymore these days. Most your linux users use what is out of the box and it just works.

I would LOVE to see Linux suddenly start kicking ass and taking names.

No you wouldn't. Your attitude is clear enough that you really have no intention of giving linux a shot. I didn't reply to a number of statements you made but you do make a lot of 5 year old claims as well which simply are not true. It is like saying windows sucks because you have to remove stuff from the himem area to get your games to work. That was true once upon a time. Not anymore.

Comment Re:Not surpisingly, uninteresting (Score 3, Interesting) 74

Or if you look at the current poll numbers and not what it was when the article was first written

I like it 28.2% (26 Votes)
I think the main spec is missing important JSRs 6.5% (6 Votes)
I think the web profile spec is missing important JSRs 4.3% (4 Votes)
I don't like it for some other reason 4.3% (4 Votes)
I haven't read it, but plan to 14.1% (13 Votes)
I haven't read it, and don't plan to 42.3% (39 Votes)
Something else (please comment) (0 Votes)
Total Votes: 92

See some things take time. There might be many who don't plan to read it but there are also those who are actually reading it before putting in a vote. Those numbers come in a bit slower then the ones who don't plan to do anything at all.

Comment Re:Layoffs (Score 1) 640

How many of us are going to receive phone calls from family when they can't get printer or wireless drivers?

I do understand what it is you were trying to say but you managed to pick the *only* two scenarios where linux actually *uses* the windows drivers and install cd's as is without any problems (or at least in ubuntu you can) :)

Try using things like ipod photos and movies, bluetooth, dual screen, as seen on tv software, those IE only websites, etc ...

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