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Comment Website to Check if You're a Victim? (Score 0) 58

I would be so insanely upset if I found out a site I visited did this to me!

they inspect the top 50,000 sites and 485 have some level of inferring browser history data

Is there a list of which ones were violators? They should be pariahs. Does anyone know if there's a website I can visit that will send each of the links I've visited in the past and check it against this list of 485 violators? That would be really easy and helpful to the victims and myself!

Comment Social Networks Accounts as Assets (Score -1, Troll) 120

Social network accounts are assets. Just see how much they can fetch on the black market. Therefor when the owner dies, the death tax should be applied to them. That way the deceased's offspring will be forced to pay the death tax or whoever wants the deceased's account may have it for whatever profit methods they can dream up. This is how capitalism works and failure for the beneficiaries to pay a hefty tax, it should be auctioned to the highest bidder. Then the highest bidder will cause that account to earn money, further stimulating the economy.
br. This tax should be funneled back into big businesses in the form of subsidiaries and tax refunds so that those large companies can post higher profits and provide more jobs. Using the common conservative logic that dictates the largest companies should enjoy the highest tax cuts like Bush pushed for, we could fix our economic woes in one fell swoop. I'm surprised that such an obvious solution to help the common man find employment hasn't been devised sooner. On top of that, imagine all the accounts that would have remained dormant and all the revenue they will generate for companies that buy them and our great nation!

Comment My God, Am I the Only One Who Sees What's Going On (Score -1, Troll) 60

Did you know that NASA helped the Japanese recover this capsule? I expect everyone's more than a little shocked that your tax dollars are going towards helping a competing nation beat us in the race to harness asteroids.

Years from now when Japan directs an asteroid down into the center of the USA, I'll be saying "I told you so" while the Japanese government makes Fat Man and Little Boy look like firecrackers.

Seriously, there used to be patriots in this country and now it's just apologists and internal enemies working against us to help other nations.

Comment Who's Really Clueless Here? (Score -1) 240

Facebook doesn't interest me. Not in the least. Don't have an account, won't have an account, and I wouldn't give them any access to my email.


Sounds like someone got pwned at Farmville. Listen, leave Facebook to the hardcore gamers like me who manage to have actual friends, okay? You go back to your ancient MySpace and wussy Rogue game ... it's not even multiplayer!

Like, if you understood Facebook you wouldn't care about who has access to your email! Some people will just never be able to truly appreciate great stuff even when it's free (both library and gracious)!

Comment Finally, A Visioneer Among Copycats (Score 5, Funny) 240

Facebook is the only technologically literate company to get Social Networking correct. Where all others have failed, Facebook has broken through the weeds into the clearing and are far ahead of everyone else. Even the mighty Google failed with Buzz and now Facebook is doing something new and original by introducing a messaging system that is not designed to replace e-mail. Hopefully, if they get this correct, they will be able to log and store all your messages so that you never lose them even after you get drunk or high and try to delete them!

Zuckerberg has really turned it around with this move and let me be the first to welcome Zuckerberg to my browser where my industrious and productive Farmville makes every visitor happy. The future is here. The future is now. The future is Facebook.

Comment You Information Socialists Make Me Sick! (Score 4, Funny) 354

Information is the new capital! It should be bought and sold on markets, it should have rates associated with it and Perato Law should be applied!

All hail the new information emporer -- he that knowth what is right and wrong by virtue of his vast information resources! We should herald our new turtlenecked emporer and congratulate him on his victory with abjection, not this slime written by a clearly Oriental socialist!

Comment About Time! (Score 0) 432

While other companies like Asus and Dell are offering customers weak underperforming netbooks and media centers, Apple knows what the averager person wants. Just like getting a Hemi in your new Dodge, this is going to be the killer laptop and desktop at a premium price. Sure, the few CEOs and executives out there are going to get even more expensive servers for their personal needs but the poor McDonalds employee is going to save up their money to get these kinds of machines. And when it comes to sales that spells volume for Apple and an equation for guaranteed success.

Dell and Asus are going down.

Comment Never (Score 4, Funny) 126

Time after time it's been proven that the safest security is the security that is shrouded in the most mystery. Why can't anyone hack Windows 7? Because it's new and no one knows how it works. People like Ormandy are a bane to the community because they steal code from Microsoft (there is no other way they could know about these flaws) and then once they stolen it, they release it for virus writers to hurt the common man. They are a public enemy and I'd suspect he has contacts inside Microsoft (if you're reading this Steve Ballmer, I suggest you begin purging those who doubt you and those closest to you).

I cannot believe Google would show support to someone who is most obviously a criminal aiding and abetting other criminals.

Nobody wants their source code shown to malware writers for obvious reasons so let Microsoft have its privacy. Why do individuals get privacy rights but not Microsoft? Did you ever stop to think about that? No, you didn't, because you were too busy helping the bad guys.

You should never reveal a security flaw. It's called common sense about saftey and protecting everyone around you.

Comment The Terrible Economy Threatens Even the WB (Score 5, Funny) 447

It's the people below the poverty line who don't work and aren't productive enough that are to blame for Hollywood's plight. Not the rich accountants and brilliant producers that carefully select only the most qualifying of movies. It is obviously getting to the point where our culturual heritage -- the heritage of Americans -- in film needs to be conserved by the government. Which is why movies like Harry Potter should be able to apply for and be granted a government bailout when they finish in the red. It's obvious that the economy has hit them hard and they need a little help. With the file sharers and ripoff dupes in the world taking away their copyright, this is the only way we can help them out until a solid and sane prosecution framework like ACTA is approved for the whole world.

My thoughts and prayers are with Hollywood and the families of everyone involved with such quality original films.

Comment Does Not Work with Most IDEs! (Score 5, Funny) 131

Okay so I'm the lead Microsoft certified developer at a Fortune 500 company. I have to get this crappy software integrated with our project that is running as a Win32 application by the end of the month and so I downloaded the packages and dragged and dropped them into Microsoft Visual Studio. Then I created a VB file that basically calls SciPy.getSECReport(somedata) and nothing happens. I get some "Error Method or data member not found" even though the stuff I downloaded was unzipped and dragged right into the rest of my libraries in my WIN32 directory.

Oh and I also tried double clicking the packages and nothing happens ... as well as dragging and dropping the excel files onto the packages (I'm not an idiot, I've tried everything). I even went to SourceForge to find documentation on this crap and there is nothing. Nothing! Can someone help me figure this crap out? It's impossible to use, the open source nuts have made it so it isn't streamlined and integrated with Windows. I mean, I'm a pretty talented hacker (MSCD and everything) and this just goes to show how crappy open source can be.

Will someone please rewrite this in Visual Basic so I can do my job?

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