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Comment Re:One with a clue, ten thousand to go (Score 2) 372

How is tennis game won by specialists? A good tennis player is a good tennis player. Sports really takes skills. It really does. Sports is amazingly difficult career and something "engineers" and geeks don't see. And don't get me even started on the psychological aspect of having the necessary coping skills to be a celebrity and always on spotlight.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 488

"cut off Netscape's air supply".

Netscape did that themselves. Do you remember how crappy it was and how Netscape tried to include their proprietary tags in HTML? Do you remember those flashy marquee scrolling texts?? Netscape was shit. IE was good. Opera played by the rules and was the most fantastic browser, but it was shareware well into the year 2004.

Comment Re:Blizzard distributes patches via Bittorrent (Score 1) 272

Please. Our high for today is forecast to be 103 F / 39.4 C with high humidity. Lately (here in Richmond VA) our LOWS have been higher than the highs in Portland, OR where my brother lives. He loves rubbing that in. At least I don't have moss growing on me.

Slashdot. Weather discussions. Stuff that matters!

Comment Re:Blizzard distributes patches via Bittorrent (Score 0) 272

Girls on a computer screen are so much better: they'll never start bitching over something ridiculous, they don't smell sweaty, they don't spend your money, they're accessible whenever you want them but they also won't ever bother you when you don't want to. This "summer" and "outside" thing really sounds very much an inferior experience.

Said by a girl with an username 'gaygirlie'.

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