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Comment Cost effective child abuse (Score 0) 1264

What a ridculous notition that mutilating children is a cost saving measure. If adults want to mutilate themselves they have that right. Children should never have the right to all their bodily parts taken away from them at birth. Whether for imaginary cost saving or as an offering to an imaginary friend. I'm not sure which reason is the more deplorable. As for the AIDS argument, what a load of non-sense. The AIDS epidemic in the US was predominately amongst circumcised men. At the time that happened about 90% was the circumcision rate. It saved no one, don't kid yourself that foreskins have anything to do with this. Studies find what the researchers intend.

Comment Distortion field a reality (Score 0) 192

I total agree this sort of prize money could distort the field. It is hard to imagine how that much money could not cause a distortion to the field. Giving a truck load of money to the most brilliant sciensts we can find to do more brilliant research where there is a proven track record of brilliance.? Yep, I reckon there will a quite a distortion.

Comment They're already tested everyday - what's the deal? (Score 0) 414

On every flight I've taken for the last few years, from my seat I can see several people using their mobile device during takeoff and landing. Extrapolate that to every flight everyday and these devices are already well tested. Planes would be falling from the skies like flies if using a mobile device could bring one down.

Comment No Good Deed goes unpunished (Score 0) 356

Typical politically correct over interpretation of the crime by a technology illiterate judge with no regard to the victims (none) or the act (passive). It's getting close to the time when we have to stop calling our society democratic and come up with a new name for the elected totalitarianism we've created for ourselves.

Comment Another unsympathetic potrail of a gay character (Score 0) 269

Leo has played real life gay chacters before and they are his worst unsympathetic performances. They were just horrible. I'm sure if he is to play Alan that everyone will come away thinking he was as straight as any of them. It will be another historical straight-washing of a famous gay character.His suicide was because he was found out to be gay, I wonder if they'll be brave enough to tell that end to the story? The whole gay aspect was conveniently ignored in Beautiful Mind, another great gay character played by a homophobe also.

Women Arrested For Refusing TSA Search of Children 1017

CelticWhisper writes "A Tennessee mother was arrested for refusing to allow TSA screening clerks to subject her child to a body scan or patdown. This comes in the wake of a promise by the TSA Administrator to make repeated attempts at non-physical screening of children, after which another video of a child patdown surfaced. This event may signify a tipping point in the public's willingness to tolerate invasive and inappropriate security procedures at airports."

Comment IE9 epic fail - can IE10 be worse? (Score -1) 95

IE9 sucked blocks and MS is in denial - haven't released an update to make it work with all the Java sites that don't work now. Their lame response was that since they now follow standards (really?) that the websites at fault should fix their code. Yeah, I can just ring my airline and say, hey IE9 & MS says your code is bad and you should fix it, would you mind please I'm trying to book a flight and all the drop down lists are empty, Thanks. Strangely these webs site all worked with IE8 and earlier and continue to work fine with Firefox, which is what I'm converting my customers to as they update to IE9 and can't use ordinary web sites any more. I half expect IE10 will fix these problems, but every tme I think Microsoft can't make a product worse than they have, they totally exceed my expectations and make it worse than I can imagine. I wonder if Microsoft will ever change their corporate attitude that shipping faulty products is 'normal' business practice.

Comment Clueless in Seattle (Score -1, Troll) 137

Micorosoft's objection to people developing new and innovative solutions using kinect shows how profoundly out of touch they are. There is no one left at upper level of Microsoft that has any vision or imagination when it comes to innovation. It took a number of truely astounding examples of what is possible with Kinect before the penny dropped for Microsoft management to get it. Proving conclusively how clueless they really are on a daily basis. Explains much of what's wrong with the company and their products.

Comment This how SkyNet starts (Score 1) 145

So we teach AI regret is just the difference between maximum possible reward and the actual reward received. The the AI realises the the reason for the discrepancy is due to the interference and inefficiency of the humans involved, and BAM, got to get rid of humans is the logical conclusion. Hello armegeddon.

Comment Me Too = Microsoft (Score 1, Insightful) 131

Anyone else getting tired of the Me Too! Microsoft product announcements? Especially since the 'me too' versions are so lame.
Bing the lame version of Google (seach , maps, everything)
Zune the lame version of iPod
Media Centre the lame version of iTunes
Windows 7 phone the lame version of iPhone (lame because OS can't scale even to iPad size)

The only real question is how lame will the Microsoft App Store be?
Will MS App Store be as lame as Ultimate edition Extras?
or as lame as Windows Catalog in XP,
or as lame as the get help with this eror link, which always says there is no help for the error?

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