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Comment Re:Disable Networking (Score 1) 953

I've found virtualization to be a wonderful solution for most clients that have specialty software. You can do a P2V migration of the existing system, disable/remove all software and services that aren't needed, set up a share on the host to hold all data, and leave networking disabled if it's not required for the function of the software, or if not run a firewall on the host to only allow the minimal amount of internet access required for the software to run. Create a snapshot of VM in case you need to roll back.

In most cases I set my clients up with Virtualbox in seamless mode with a link to their app on the desktop. They don't even know there's a VM there.

Comment Re:Good Job (Score 1) 266

Kim Jong Un overstretched his threats and gave the US the perfect opening to do this. He is obviously much stupider than his father.

Kim Jong Un does not have the influence or power that his father had. He's a figurehead used to give the impression to the NK people of a strong continuing dynasty, and as a scapegoat to the west if things should go wrong in the future. The real power lies with the military leaders.

Comment Pass the blame (Score 5, Insightful) 123

This is a ridiculous supposition. Are we suppose to believe that the criminals responsible for these thefts were lured into stealing by the flashy Apple gizmos? Or that these criminals would reject crime and find honest work if only New York could rid itself of Apple products?

This is just another example of politicians passing the blame to something else. In this case it's Apple, as blaming Apple for life's ills is in vogue at the moment.

Comment Re:Shameful behaviour (Score 1) 743

I don't know if that's necessarily a change on their part. I'm not from the UK, but in Canada has behaved like this for a very long time, if not forever. goes to the US site, and clicking the Store tab up top brings you to

Which is especially annoying considering that we both use dollars for currency, so if you're not aware of it you can easily assume you're on the Canadian site.

Comment Re:ROI (Score 0) 312

Hey, I resent that remark! I'm Canadian!! (although my wife is American...)

As for alien communication, it wouldn't likely matter much at all. For several reasons:
1. Everyone seems to assume the I in SETI implies greater intelligence/knowledge than our own, probably because of scifi's influence. But it's just as likely that they'd be about the same as us, or even less informed than us in many areas.
2. The source of the signal would likely be from such a great distance that simple communication would be like talking on a CB/walkie-talkie, but with pauses that last years, decades, or centuries. Space is big. Light is (relatively) slow.
3. The idea of communication, like we're talking about in 2, implies that they're trying to communicate with us. We could just as easily pick up a transmission of one of their Snoozball games, with any reply from us falling on deaf ears.

The only way I see it being of any real consequence beyond a few months of "Ohhh, what are the aliens like? Do they enjoy music? etc, etc" in the media is if they sent a message containing scientific info that vastly expanded our own knowledge. Considering 1 and 2 above, though, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Comment ROI (Score 2) 312

Why should I, or anyone else, donate money to the SETI institute? What tangible returns can I expect for my money?

It's nice that you feel they're involved in "the greatest quest of all," but I expect that most people would not agree. Besides not having much of a chance in succeeding any time soon, even if they did find evidence of extra terrestrial intelligence it would make almost no difference to people's daily lives. And the way things are going even if we did find ETI we'll be extinct as a species long before we could ever even communicate with them, let alone actually contact/meet them.

Besides, SETI Institute =/= SETI

Comment Re:Mark Advertisements as Such (Score 4, Insightful) 263

If you're going to do reviews, follow the example of sites like Anandtech and review the fucking product!. Give specifics, detailed data that's more than we can get off of the product website or box. And include the positives and negatives.

So far, all the "reviews" I've seen have been saccharinely positive, even when the product has obvious issues that are evident even to those with the most basic familiarity with the technology. And most read like they've been written by professional P.R. writers. So do you really not understand how readers would view these as paid-for ads?

Comment The summary touches on the problem (Score 2) 235

In my experience, the summary touches on the chief cause of this problem: If an organization can't train in-house then they have to look to 3rd parties to provide the training, and all too often those 3rd parties lack the skills and/or knowledge to effectively educate the employees in anything practical. And in most cases they're never held to account for their lack.

So at that point it simply becomes cheaper to outsource the job to someone who has to get the job done in order to be paid, rather than pay employees to learn worthless skills.

Comment Re:Why the negative headlines? (Score 5, Insightful) 222

It's an attempt at appealing to the smug, baseless superiority that everyone seems to want to get in on these days. And it's not all negative - stories about things that are "in" with the crowd but that others don't understand/get, like the Raspberry Pi, are being fawned over.

This attitude, then, leads to 2 basic themes that I've noticed: "We're better than everyone else because what they like we hate for various esoteric reasons, and we are always right", and "We're better than everyone else because we know about stuff that they don't, even though our own estimation of our knowledge is blown up out of proportion". Neither of these viewpoints tends to be based on logic.

And this isn't new. Slashdot's been going this way for years, well before Rob left. It's just more blatant now. Personally, I think it coincides with the rise of social media, with everyone thinking the world must hear and respect their opinions about even the most mundane things. But I have only anecdotal evidence to support that theory...

Comment As a Canadian... (Score 5, Insightful) 404

As a Canadian, here's the solution I'd suggest:
Stop trying to force Canadian content on Canadians!
If the content is good and provides something consumers want then it'll be a success. If it's Canadian-created filler crap then it won't, regardless of how forcefully it's stuffed down our throats.

And don't claim that Canadian content can't be successful on it's own because that's just bullshit. Just look at the music industry to see lots of Canadian content that's successful south of the border for the most glaring example.

Comment Business sense (Score 1) 333

You don't say whether you're developing this for-profit or for pleasure, but I'll assume the former because if you're doing something that truly needs to be "100% rock-solid, unhackable" and you're not getting money for it you're just asking for trouble. Eventually something will happen, and you'll be sued. Then how are you going to pay for lawyers?

So, assuming that you're doing this for-profit, you need to develop some business sense. Effective business people hire specialists to do what they can't, as they know that their time is better spent focusing on their own areas of expertise.

So develop what you feel comfortable with, then hire a pro to harden it and/or deploy it, whatever you need. Also think about professionals for your accounting and (dare I say it) law advice as they can be the difference between profit and failure in our economy, unfortunately.

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