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Comment Ghost in the shell predicted this! (Score 3, Interesting) 82

Actually it makes a lot of sense since the nerves on the neck have lot of "bandwidth" already and getting access there is a lot less invasive than opening up the head to get at the brain (until we get better at Brain-Machine Interface but that really does seem a lot harder than "hacking" at the neck).

Comment A suggestion: Instead of triple booting... (Score 2) 247

I'd recommend running a base OS and then run something like VMware workstation so that you run other OSes inside the main OS. One huge benefit is that you can have access to multiple OSes at the same time and you don't need to reboot into them either. With hypervisor technology getting common on desktop, there probably isn't any need to multi-boot unless you have a specific reason not to use virtualization.

Comment A few options to do this (Score 1) 212

You have a few options:

1) Keep your work computer at work to run windows and set it up as a ssh server, then use vnc type of program to remotely ssh back to your computer from home. This is probably one of the simplest way as long as your company network team allows you to do this. This is fairly easy to setup.

2) Run windows at home inside a VM machine as others have suggested. This is much more involved as option #1 since you will have to set up everything from scratch AND you have to install all programs that was needed at work. Probably not very doable.

3) If your company has a VDI environment set up, then you can actually use something like Citrix receiver to directly login to your windows computer at work, which will work better than option #1. But this option is only restricted to those company that already has VDI so probably not applicable to that many people. (The company that I work for does this and I login to windows directly in Ubuntu, works great).

4) If all 3 above options do not apply, then consider just get a laptop from work (most people already get work laptop) and setup a VPN client so you can work from work (again check with network team but most company allows this type of setup), and if you still want Linux you can always use a KVM program like Synergy so you can run windows and Ubuntu side-by-side.

Comment You can always go back to school ... if needed (Score 1) 239

School is really over-rated for those of us who can self-learn, if we wanted an education we can easily have that from a library or google. So then the only purpose of school is for social aspects; and the fact that going to school usually helps you land a job somewhere. But if you have a solid business idea and the required funding, I don't see any value in delaying your business. In fact, great harm as business is about timing, whereas school will always be there.

Comment Évariste Galois (Score 1) 614

While he may not be the perfect role model for your 8 years old, he definitely top the list of (tragic) heroes.

- Accomplished something REALLY young (invented group theory, introduced the concept of finite field).
- Political Activist / Revolutionary.
- Fought in a duel (and died).

When you think about Galois' life, it definitely does not fit into the mold of a mathematician at all. There is not even one mathematician who lived remotely similar to him in human history that I know of.

Comment Re:I need a new computer (Score 1) 361

That's true, how much computing power does an average, non-gaming, non-power user need? Even if you throw in multi-media, including voip and video, I doubt your average user will be able to use all that computing power (also the later depends more on the GPU, which will become more and more important in the future). I suppose with the cost of cpu power getting lower and lower, it may not matter as much and we will see more hardware comes with some sort of computer (e.g. your entire house).

Recently, I built a new system based on the core7 i930, reasoning being there is simply no AMD cpu that can match its performance, and I do consider myself a power user when I am using it for emulating Cisco CCIE labs and probably be running several VM instances in the future.

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