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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Rice bill would make R.I. first state to go WIFI

roscoetoon writes: " 1

"(public) access to the Internet, particularly broadband internet access, has become a necessity in today's world," said Representative Rice (D-Dist. 72, Portsmouth, Middletown, Newport),"The ultimate goal of this legislation is to make Rhode Island the first state to utilize a complete Wi-Fi network. The Electronic Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Act would open the door to a very promising and exciting opportunity for our state, and through this measure, I hope that Rhode Island will become a national leader in information technology.", but, it still seems a ways off,"the innovation center must issue a public report on its study by July 1, 2008"."
Input Devices

Submission + - Play video games with your brain, eyes and muscles

jmke writes: At Cebit there was a device being demoed at the OCZ Booth which tracks movement of your eyes, monitors brain waves and picks up facial muscle movements, it uses these recorded signals to link them to input commands on the computer, allowing you to play Tetris or even a first person shooter like UT2004. Here is a live demo and more technical details on how this works. Will this technology change the way you interact with your PC?

Caves on Mars? 99

RockDoctor writes "The BBC is reporting that the photo-surveying of Mars has revealed seven suspected cave entrances in the Arsia Mons volcanic area. This has been hinted at before — long sinuous channels in the same region have been interpreted as collapsed 'lava tube' caves — but the scale of the suggested entrances (sheer drops of 80 to 130m from the surrounding surface) makes my troglodytic hands twitch for my abseiling gear."

Submission + - Open RT project Ray-tracing algorithms available

An anonymous reader writes: Ray-tracing is a technique that allowed Peter Jackson to make special effects look convincing in the Lord of the Rings. Now, Daniel Pohl, has used the new algorithms [develped by Professor Philipp Slusallek and co-workers from the University of Saarland] to produce ray-traced versions of the Quake 3 and 4 video games. "It gives much higher image quality in shadows and reflections," said Mr Pohl. "You can even do reflections on reflections on reflections." This is something that would be impossible with traditional rendering techniques. The algorithms are being made available to anyone to use via the Open RT project. Graphics in computer games are typically rendered via a technique known as rasterisation which involves drawing all the elements of a scene using polygons. The scientists have shown that their series of ray-tracing algorithms can run on a high-end PC graphics card.

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