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Comment How to write an article for Reason. (Score 4, Interesting) 489

1. Pick a problem, any problem.
2. Claim it can be solved with laissez faire capitalism and will be worsened with any form of government intervention.
3. Ignore any evidence to the contrary.

In this article, the author acts as though the threat of data discrimination from cable and phone companies is fantastical speculation. But it's already happened, and so many times. In most markets, people only have one or two choices for a broadband connection, so they can't vote with their dollars effectively to resolve the problem. Much as I enjoy the elegance of free market principles, the Invisible Hand is not gonna fix this one.

Comment Sounds good to me. (Score 4, Insightful) 892

It means that in order for Reddit to be competitive in hiring, they will need to make a first offer (the fixed salary+benefits) that is at or above the market average. As a jobseeker, I can just look at what they have to offer and take it or leave it. No haggling. No drama. That sounds good to me! I'm decent at negotiating, but I don't enjoy it.

For jobs where negotiating skill is NOT part of the job, the negotiation ban should make hiring decisions better correlate with merit. And generally, I want to be surrounded with people hired for relevant merits, and not just good self-promoters.

Comment Confused about your goals. (Score 1) 60

You say you are not looking to collect money at any point in distribution. So what do you want? Maybe you want a lot of people to see the show. In that case, Youtube already serves you well for distribution, and you could just focus on advertising/promotion. Or maybe you want clout. Or having colleagues and connections. Or something else?

Submission + - FCC makes second response to Net Neutrality petition.

Seor Jojoba writes: The White House provided an initial response to the public petition to restore net neutrality by classifying Internet Providers as "Common Carriers". For myself, it seemed a vague set of assurances with little concrete information. Now, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has released an updated response with more details of what the FCC plans to do.

Comment Just sent twenty bucks. (Score 2) 240

It works. You have to give them credit - the process is extremely simple. I could see it taking off. From a security perspective, it's not great. But it's also not as bad as some people here are making out. You don't send any information over email other than the email addresses of the sender and receiver, and sender's intent to send $x to seller. Phishers are likely to pattern "you've got money" emails off of these Square emails to people. But these are just another variation on "give me info/money, so I can send you money" scams. Same common sense defenses apply--If you aren't expecting money from somebody, don't give out personal info. And then there are more sophisticated man-in-the-middle attacks combined with spoofing the "you've got money" email or replacing content in it. Those are the ones I'd worry about, but they are also much harder to set up. When you go to your online banking website, do you worry about someone spoofing the whole site (or at least the login) and making the DNS point towards the spoofed site? I do, but not enough to stop using it.

Comment It's cool! (Score 1) 149

So many times some kid has come up to me and said they wanted to learn to make video games. The trouble is that there's this giant gulf between the multimillion dollar games they play, and what they can actually do with newbie knowledge. When I was a teenager, (80's) I could see a game I loved like say... Ultima or Zork... and understand the steps leading up to me making that game. A little harder to find that maker's connection with Halo, Bioshock, Borderlands, etc. So maybe Minecraft can be a good bridge between the effort of programming and the rewards that are possible. A kid or some coming-up coder might get their feet wet writing some scripting for a game they love. So I'm all for it. Sounds great.

Comment didn't credit AP/Maria Sudekum. (Score 5, Informative) 123

This is actually an Associated Press article by Maria Sudekum. See this link. didn't give credit to Maria or AP, which may mean they just snatched and reposted the content. I like to see the original author credited and let her reputation be affected (good or bad) by the quality of her work.

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