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Comment Last Straw (Score 2) 250

Slashdot has become increasingly misleading and sensationalist in recent years. So much so that I'm moving Slashdot's RSS feed to bottom of my pile; to be seen only in moments of extreme boredom. I have far better things to do with my time that wade through the constant stream of FUD that this site is generating these days.

Comment Re:One reason alone (Score 2) 264

'The new release comprises layer groups (which were introduced after 2.7.1), an almost done text-on-canvas feature, the all-new brush engine and of course the new single window mode.'"

Single window mode is all you need to know about why you should upgrade.

Heck with that.

The lack of layer groups has been the single greatest barrier to my migrating to GIMP as a production tool. Without them, working on large and complex files becomes an organizational nightmare. Creating blank layers with names like "---- BEGIN Name of Subdivision ---"/"---- END Name of Subdivision ---" to lend structure and delineate groups of layers like we did in 1999 just doesn't cut it in modern production environments where decompressed file sizes can be measured in gigabytes.

A stable release with layer groups is definitely something I'll be putting through it's paces.

Comment Re:Well, you can't save 'em all (Score 1) 259

the MOST important question BY FAR is how important is this creature to the ecosystem upon which I depend. Everything else is just moral masturbation.

Pretending to know all the long-term effects of any species upon a given ecosystem is just mental masturbation and part of why we're faced with this problem in the first place.

Comment Re:Damn you, George W. Bush! (Score 1) 293

As an non-US citizen..... I would expect you to stop putting spending bills and prisoner transfers bills into one package. It seems such a weird way of doing business. If a measure can't stand on its own, it shouldn't stand at all.

Please mod the parent up. This is a completely ridiculous way to conduct government.

Comment Re:could they name one cafe? (Score 1) 375

My thoughts exactly. Reading TFA had me vaguely wondering if Virginia Heffernan wasn't a professional shill and exactly how much it might've cost Starbucks to pay for the article.

At least that was the case until I hit her "Points of Entry: This Week’s Recommendations" article conclusion. The last one of which reads:

VENTI EVERYTHING Starbucks’s Web site and apps are studded with free content, like a video interview with Colin Meloy of the Decemberists at

Yet another journalist to put on ignore.

Comment Re:The tools used to build StoneHenge (Score 1) 615

Stonehenge itself was a tool, and probably a better example of a tool that has truly "died". We're not even quite sure how it was used, or what it was used for.

Not necessarily, for all we know the sole purpose it's architect(s) intended was for it to act as an enigma inspiring reverence and awe.

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