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Comment I carry a "smart phone" and a "dumb pistol" every (Score 2) 555

My phone unlocks with a fingerprint using the best fingerprint tech available. I don't know how many times it takes 2, 3, or 4 times to unlock it. "Unrecognized - Enter backup password" or "Place finger over entire sensor" is all too common.

If, God forbid, I ever have to draw my weapon to defend myself or someone else, I don't want to make sure I have a perfectly lined up grip to trigger the smart technology. Someone attacking you doesn't lend for minor finger positioning nuances very much. I expect finger on trigger + pull = bang, not a little chime telling me I need to adjust my grip.

Comment Re:good but.... (Score 0) 247

No lie -- Just make a filter that uses some AI to filter out libtarded shit and I'd install it. I'm so sick of seeing that shrew in banner ads, and other people thinking Bernie can give them more of the same freebies that got Obutthead elected to start with.

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