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Comment Re:i ignore voice mail (Score 1) 393

...I have a coworker that leaves 3+ minute messages for me...

Yes, I have a client who does that as well. He is usually "thinking out loud" and ends up answering his own question by the end of the message (he dose the same thing in emails!).

A voice message doesn't need to be more than 30-40 seconds. Just enough information so that I know what you want with the possibility that I can give an answer if I get _your_ v-mail.
A message of "Give me a call" is almost as bad as the 3+ minute dissertation.

Comment Re:i ignore voice mail (Score 1) 393

They'll call you back or text you if their not already dead. That's happened to me like 3 times... I ignore voice mail too.

Wow, 3 people died after leaving you voice messages. Tough neighborhood;-)

Seriously, if I leave someone a voice message and they aren't ready to respond to my questions when they call back I won't be doing business with them for long.

I also expect a message from anyone calling me so I am prepared to answer their questions when I call them back (at my convenience). If they don't leave a message I assume they changed their mind about talking to me or they dialed the wrong number.

Maybe this is a generational thing?

Comment Re:Memtest not perfect. (Score 4, Interesting) 724

While you're testing memory using Memtest, the GPU is not used at all, for example. When playing a game and/or running some heavy compile-jobs, on the other hand, overall power usage will be much higher.

I think memtest is a good first level test - it will pinpoint gross errors in memory. But probably won't detect more subtle problems. For me the best extended test is to enable all the opengl screen savers and let the system run overnight cycling through each of them. If the system doesn't crash with this it will probably be solid under a normal load. For me this has been the best test of overall system stability. Unfortunately if it fails won't know exactly what is wrong.

Comment Re:No - Not at all (Score 1) 539

What he explicitly said is that the kindle creates extra value for the work. In return the people who created the material should share in that extra value.

Why should they share in the extra value? They had nothing to do with adding the value.

The fact that the Kindle has TTS makes it more popular. Isn't it enough that the more popular the Kindle is the more e-books will be sold over all?
The Guild should be doing everything they can to support their future medium.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 176

In school you might be close enough to talk, but talking might not be allowed, or desired. Texting is private and discreet (except many teachers will notice).

The most recent example I was given happened in a restaurant. Maybe it was just force of habit in that case but what does that say about paying attention in school? Kind of like sitting next to someone and constantly whispering back and forth.

If you look round you'll probably see your younger co-workers texting friends.

You are right about that at least those with blackberrys and iphones. Although more often they are on chat talking to the person in the next cubicle;-)

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 176

Perhaps I'm showing my age, but I don't understand the appeal of texting. First off, emailing is free so there's no point paying for a text. And second, I'd rather HEAR the person I'm communicating with.

It's my understanding that much of the texting kids do today is to friends that are near enough that just talking without any electronics involved would work. This according to a co-worker who who has 3 girls in HS and 2 in college.

And to think my parents didn't understand why I would use a walkie-talkie to talk to my friend two houses down when I was a kid;-)

Comment Re:Netflix Handles It (Score 1) 235

Remember, however, that Netflix doesn't show you the rating of a movie; it shows you its best estimate of how well you will like the movie.

No, it gives both the average rating of people who have watched the same movies as you and the total average of all ratings for the movie.
Average of raters like you: 4.5 stars
Average of 254,138 ratings: 4.1 stars

Otherwise you make some very good points.

Comment Re:Anyone care to explain? (Score 1) 200

According to Wikipedia (if you are prone to believe such things;-);

Methane in the atmosphere is eventually oxidized, producing carbon dioxide and water. As a result, methane in the atmosphere has a half life of seven years (if no methane were added, then every seven years, the amount of methane would halve).

Comment Re:How is that different than /.? (Score 5, Informative) 227

OTOH, years ago, people working at Nintendo (USA) told me that when they recieved letters, they put them in the trash as soon as it became apparent it was an "idea" letter for a game. They didn't want the liability. How is google going to curb this aspect?

The letters to Nintendo were unsolicited. Google requires you to agree to their TOS before you can post an idea.

Comment Re:Good products (Score 3, Informative) 374

The only way to get the machine into a usable state again is to manually edit the virtual machine definition, which is a lot more complex than one would immediately think. Just look at the VirtualBox bug tracker for some horror stories.

This confused the hell out of me the first time it happened on a virtual CD mount. But it only took a few minutes to realize that all that needed to be done was to disable the CD from the GUI. It should be just as easy to disable a hard drive.

While it is bad form to refuse to boot over something so trivial I don't see this as a show stopper.

Disclaimer: I'm not using VirtualBox in a production environment.


Submission + - Comcast targets unlicensed anime torrents ( 3

SailorSpork writes: "According to the linked thread on the forums of AnimeSuki, a popular anime bittorent index site, Comcast has begun sending DCMA letters to customers downloading unlicensed (meaning that no english language company has the rights to) fan-subtitled anime shows via bittorrent. The letters are claiming that the copyright holder or an authorized agent are making the infringement claims, though usually these requests are also sent to the site itself rather that individual downloaders.

My question is have they really been in contact with Japanese anime companies, or is this another scare tactic by Comcast to try and reduce the bandwidth use of their heavier customers now that their previous tactics have come under legal fire?"

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