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Submission + - GWT engineers now working on Dart (

Sembiance writes: Google announced today that many of the GWT engineers are now working on Dart. Quote: "In fact, many of the same engineers who brought you GWT are working on Dart. We view Dart as an ambitious evolution of GWT..."

Comment She thinks Coffee makes you fat - FOX News Video (Score 1) 273

She thinks Coffee (by itself, pure coffee) makes you fat.

She did an interview to fox news (big surprise) here:

Conveniently she has a patent on something that she claims prevents coffee from making you fat so you can continue drinking it.

Comment Re:ReadyNAS (Score 1) 609

I have to absolutely second this suggestion.

Over the past several years I've tried various things to solve my own needs for a large storage array at home.
I ran a Linux server with a lot of drives software raided for 2 or 3 years.
While it 'mostly' worked, it was a huge huge hassle to set up and maintain.
Also when a drive failed (and boy did they) it was a huge hassle to open up my case, determine which one was the failed drive, replace it, then *hope* that I could run the right commands in the right order to restore the drive.
God help me if more than one failed.

I eventually realized I need a more 'professional' and 'fool proof' device.

After a lot of research I bought a Drobo. Despite some good reviews, once you register a product key with them and gain access to the customer only forums, you will find a LARGE number of complaints. Valid complaints.
Basically their software leaves a LOT to be desired. At the time they didn't have any 'standalone NAS devices'. They all required you to install buggy software that didn't work with linux.
I tried several different Drobos and worked with their support departments, but eventually just had to give up entirely on them.

I did even more research and came across the Netgear ReadyNAS systems.
They had great reviews, the only problem is they were damned expensive.

I decided I'd give it a try and I ordered a ReadyNAS Pro

That was about 2 years ago or so. It was an absolute BREEZE to set up. Just accessed it's built in web server via any browser.
It has worked PERFECTLY since then. ZERO issues.

It's very fast and serves up files via NFS to my linux systems and to my windows systems as a mapped network drive (SMBFS/Samba).

I really could not be happier with the system. I HIGHLY recommend you invest in one.

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