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Comment Re: My opinion on the matter. (Score 1) 826

It really doesn't. I was being facetious. Although, I wouldn't say that the days of mounting via NSF are long gone. As mentioned in the link provided by keltor, it is convenient for VMs. I still have a few sun4c machines lying around. Not much good for anything but a remote terminal but I would have to NSF mount everything :)

Comment Re: Network company supplied routers vul'n (Score 1) 134

Frontier has become better about not requiring a windows box. I'm pretty sure this directly related to having "smarter" routers as opposed to just a "dumb" modem.

Maybe they started hiring smarter helpdesk techs again. I swear it all went downhill after I stopped working there (did I just admit to that?).

I remember helping walk customers through their dialup connection issues while beating my hi-score on Galaga.

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