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Comment Re:Coding (Score 2) 132

I agree and it's not just coding where people want the hard earned knowledge quick. There are tons of ads for guitar courses that say things like "become a shredding master in 2 weeks!" or "master the fretboard and become a guitar god with these easy steps!". It's the same thing where you might be able to train your fingers to play lead guitar like Slash but if you had new material could you write equally good guitar parts?

There's always little tricks to make learning easier but there's no quick fix for experience. If you want to learn to do something, you just have to start doing it and keep doing it until you're good.

Comment Re:About that 911 thing.... (Score 2) 284

There is no employer liability. If he was working for a staffing agency it's the staffing agencies responsibility. In fact, if he complained about unsafe work (which in Ontario at least, you supposedly have a "right to refuse unsafe work") they could just let him go with no cause because temp contracts have a clause saying you agree to be let go for any reason with no recourse.

Couple this up with the fact that almost all factory/manufacturing jobs are now hired through agencies and all those labour laws that people fought and died for are pretty much impotent now. This isn't tin foil hat speculation, it's been in action for years and years in distribution, manufacturing and other unskilled positions.

Comment Re:So a bicyclist is safer..... (Score 1) 490

I'd actually have to say that a lot of the time it's more of an inconvenience to the drivers around me when I am FOLLOWING traffic laws on my bike. Coming to a full stop at a sign means everyone else has to wait for me to get going again after I stop.

Part of the problem here is only about a quarter of the cyclists actually bother to follow the laws that ARE there, meaning drivers can't reliably expect cyclists to stop at signs anyways. If you're just expected to yield right of way to bikes no matter what at least everyone's on the same page.

Submission + - Google Engineer Wins NSA Award, Then Says NSA Should Be "Abolished" (tikkun.org)

MetalliQaZ writes: Last week, Dr. Joseph Bonneau learned that he had won the NSA’s first annual “Science of Security (SoS) Competition.” The competition, which aims to honor the best “scientific papers about national security” as a way to strengthen NSA collaboration with researchers in academia, honored Bonneau for his paper on the nature of passwords. And how did Bonneau respond to being honored by the NSA? By expressing, in an honest and bittersweet blog post, his revulsion at what the NSA has become: "Simply put, I don’t think a free society is compatible with an organisation like the NSA in its current form."

Comment Keep it if you want it. (Score 1) 122

A good friend of mine recently died of a heart attack quite young. It was quite a shock, and there's not much to remember him with but I do have many years of MSN Messenger chat logs that I always made a point to keep for some reason. I haven't gone through them yet, but I would like to soon.

I wouldn't mind if my data was left up after I'm gone, in case anybody cares to see it. If you've ever contributed to a site or an online community, I think that information is nice to see for your still living loved ones. The memories I have with my friends online are sometimes just as good as the ones we've had in person, especially with people I don't get to see as much anymore.

Comment Re:Better answer (Score 1) 572

What I imagine happening is people making a big stink about it being online only, buying it anyway, then still complaining that it's online only.

I love how people buy a product, then complain on the forums about a feature they knew was there but don't like. As if posting poorly thought out complaints about something negates the fact that they supported the company in pretty much the only way that matters: buying their shit.

I don't much care for the idea of single-player games requiring the internet, but the future is now and there's also lot of good ideas being pushed around in the gaming world. If a company dedicates itself to supporting a game long after it's release (as Blizzard is famous for), I can forgive online only. I'll play into your 'online only' crap, you make sure my game is perfect before you stop working on it, deal?

Comment Re:LOve the game, hate the real money bullshit (Score 1) 157

Planetside is one of those games that you really need to play for a while before you can do much.

Understanding the layouts of the Bases and other objectives give you a way better idea of where enemies are coming from, and being aware of your surroundings is necessary to not get insta-killed.

If you play as a medic you can get lots of easy XP by healing and ressurecting allies, The engineer hands out spare ammo and can repair vehicles and MAX units, all of which give XP. He also has a sweet stationary turret.

Another good cert grab is getting the AMS addon for the Sunderer vehicle, allowing your Sunderer to act as a mobile spawn point and weapons terminal. Everytime someone spawns from your Sunderer you get XP!

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