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Submission + - Two Senior Executives of HP in Pakistan have been Arrested for Tax Evasion (tech.com.pk)

Sehrish Khan writes: US based HP — Hewlett-Packard's two senior executives (in Pakistan) have been arrested by the FBR due to suspicion of tax evasion. Shahid Hussain Asad, The Chief Spokesman, confirmed the arrests made by the Intelligence Directorate, Federal Board of Revenue identified their names respectively as, Shahid Ali Khan, Country Manager, Hewlett-Packard, and Saleem Raza Rajwani, Finance Director Hewlett-Packard. The News Reported. The two individuals were arrested through a joint operation conducted by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation of Inland Revenue at Karachi and Islamabad. "We have no comment at this time, other than to say that HP adheres to the highest ethical standards," HP's Spokes Person said to Reuters. Directorate of IR contacted Hewlett-Packard and one other giant of IT, Advance Business Systems Company (ABS Company), to share information about their products and services provided in Pakistan, It is reported that the other company provided the information to the directorate while HP didn't share any information with IR. On Friday the Civil Judicial Magistrate Waqar Ahmed Soomro granted the transit-remand of the two arrested HP officials, which was granted by the court. Directorate of FRB stated that they are investigating only Pakistani management of Hewlett-Packard for tax evasion in Pakistan not the whole HP Corporation.

Submission + - FIA Arrested Pakistani Hacker for Hacking into Telecom Company's Database (tech.com.pk)

Sehrish Khan writes: FIA – Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan Arrested a Pakistani Hacker involved in hacking into a telecom company, and leaking the data on-line on his website.

A resident of Kasur, Mubashar Shahzad was arrested on Wednesday after the NR3C – National Response Center for Cyber Crime the sub-department of FIA traced the IP address (Internet Protocol Address) of Usman Anwar – Director of FIA said.

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Usman Anwar also added, the action was taken after Umair Qazi, a senior manager of cellular company (Warid) filed a complaint against the website (earlysms.com) and said that the information of company’s consumers till 2006 leaked over internet.

FIA – Contacted NR3C National Response Centre for Cyber Crime, the expert traced that the website is hosted on a Pakistani Hosting Service Provider (HosterPK), NR3C gathered information from the company like IP address, Email Address and Phone number. FIA arrested Shahzad in a raid after they traced the IP address to a shop in Ghalla Mandi, Noorpur, Kasur. As the Director of FIA Usman Anwar told to The Express Tribune:
“A technical/forensic analysis found that the website was being hosted by hosterpk. The FIA traced the IP address, email address and phone number of the suspect through the host company,”
“The team seized computers containing folders named Warid data two desktop computers, hard drives and portable passport drives were seized from the shop,”
“NR3C laboratory in Lahore found that the seized drives contained the cellular network’s database,”
The website where the stolen data was posted by the hacker has now been shut down.

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