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Comment Re:Wait, these are not MY corporations (Score 1) 221

There were multiple reasons for this, most importantly the SSMEs were routinely used well past their rated thrust efficiency (you hear shuttle pilots being ordered to go to "104%" or higher on most launches) which essentially requires the engines to be completely overhauled and rebuilt after every flight.

Would you have any source for that? Shuttle main engines at 104% were not running beyond their spec. The final design of the SSME was capable of somewhat more thrust than originally specced, but for the sake of convenience "100%" throttle was calibrated to be the same amount of thrust as 100% of the original intended spec. IIRC the true maximum was 109%, which was indeed beyond normal safe limits and only used for emergencies.

Comment Focal length (Score 2) 43

I'm very curious as to how they've managed to display information on conventional-looking glasses that the wearer is actually capable of focusing on. Every time a story like this has come up of some group that developed normal-appearing glasses with a display, it's turned out to be vapor or a useless concept mockup. Existing head-mounted displays all involve bulky prisms/mirrors that push the effective focal length of the image far enough out that the viewer can actually see it. If you simply make a transparent display on the lens itself or attempt to project onto it, a human normally can't focus anywhere near close enough for it to be visible, and this has been the most serious problem with any sort of device like this.

Comment Re:"Designers" are taking over. That's the problem (Score 2) 443

BS. Apple has always equally prioritized design and engineering; that's the primary thing that's always differentiated their products. But even disregarding that, you're ignoring that these buffoon artists and designers are the ones that actually USE software like FCP, and are in fact the ones most vehemently complaining about this new release.

Submission + - GMail Accidentally Resets 150 000 Accounts ( 2

tsj5j writes: Many users have reported loss of their GMail accounts, as they signed in to find their email accounts reset — losing years of email history. This appears to be a result of a bug which treats existing owners as new users. For those affected, Google is currently trying to resolve the problem. For the rest of us, perhaps this is a timely reminder to backup our data and be less trusting of the cloud.

Comment Re:A BIT expensive?! (Score 2) 627

are you serious? are you even remotely familiar with the current state of the industry (or even the past 10 years)

the windows/mac versions of adobe cs have been at parity as long as the cs branding has even been in use (2003). photoshop was available for windows starting with version 2.5. in its current iteration, it's actually slightly ahead of the mac version with some of its less-obvious features (memory management with large files comes to mind), rumored to be due to the delays in development from when the mac version was transitioned to intel.

it's also rather ridiculous that you refer to it as "crap" -- photoshop is unquestionably far beyond any competition, and the rest of the suite is at least as good as anything else.

Comment Can they actually do this ..? (Score 5, Interesting) 325

My understanding is that currently there's something of an enforced equilibrium between Intel and AMD, wherein Intel needs AMD to exist in a somewhat healthy state in order to avoid being considered a monopoly. If Dell bought AMD, what would happen to that? Would Dell then sell AMD chips to other (competing) manufacturers?

There might be something similar going on with ATI vs nvidia as well. =/
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Submission + - SPAM: Even One Puff of Cigarette May Cause Heart Attack

ScarletS writes: A lot of people think that occasional cigarettes won’t hurt, but even a little bit of social smoking or breathing in someone else’s secondhand smoke might be enough to occlude arteries and cause a heart attack, according to a report presented by the surgeon general.
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