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Journal Journal: Polyphasic Sleep Scheduling 1

I am debating trying out a polyphasic sleep schedule. Particularly, the Uberman sleep schedule. Rumor has it that this is how Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Aristotle, and many others managed to get so much done in one lifetime. This will involve napping for 20 minutes, every four hours, resulting in 2 hours of maximized REM sleep and 22 hours of "daytime." I am aware of the first week or two involving extreme sleep deprivation, but have not been able to find any data regarding long term biological or psychological effects. Has anybody tried this, or a similar, sleeping pattern? How did it work for you, and are there any recommendations from the /. community?


Journal Journal: Comcast Hijacking DNS in Boston Area

It seems that Comcast is at it again with DNS hijacking, mentioned here on Slashdot.

Being a Firefox user, I can conveniently type in "slashdot," "/.," or any other combination of words. Based on Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky," it would take me right here. The same went for Youtube, CNN, or any other site with any sort of recognition. Today, however, there seems to be endless Comcast pages telling me that the page I am looking for cannot be found, with convenient links to the exact page I am looking for.

As mentioned previously on Slashdot, the service can be opted out of, but is a real pain for those (few) who are not their primary account holders.

Journal Journal: RIAA Notification Email (UMASS)

Got an email from the IT dept. forwarding a message from the RIAA:

Be advised that the University has recently received several copyright infringement notices from the RIAA and SafeNet DMCA.
Each individual RIAA notice states an account on the University network "was used to reproduce and/or distribute unauthorized copies of one or more copyrighted sound recordings." The notice provides details of the infringement and warns "this network user may be liable for the infringing activity occurring on your network... This letter does not constitute a waiver of any right to recover damages incurred by virtue of any such unauthorized activities, and such rights as well as claims for other relief are expressly retained. Moreover, this letter does not constitute a waiver of our members' right to sue the user at issue for copyright infringement."
The notice also encourages the user to visit the MUSIC Coalition's website at
The SafeNet DMCA notices are similar in nature.
Details provided within the notices will be used to identify students for further action.
All students should discontinue the sharing/copying/downloading of copyrighted material. Safe and legal access to digital music and movies is available through Ruckus.

UMASS is not holding ANY liability whatsoever for the actions on their network, but is rather willingly forwarding student information to the RIAA. Guess the homeless guy's settlement wasn't enough for the RIAA...

Journal Journal: iPhone Identification Required!? 2

I have a few friends who work for Apple; one as a "Genius," and one as a sales rep. Both have mentioned a policy of Apple that requires identification to purchase an iPhone. Their reasoning behind this is to limit customers to buying 5 iPhones at a time, and 10 in a lifetime, which coincidentally is an effort to prevent resale and markup in foreign markets. On the other hand, I have a brother in-law and a neighbor who are higher ranking police officers in their respective towns. Both gentlemen have expressed that asking for identification to purchase an item in which there are no laws restricting said item (iPhone) to certain people, age groups, or anything else. Who is right here, and does Apple really have the authority to request identification?

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