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Comment WoW gone soft... (Score 1) 197

I'll admit that I have played this game since inception, in 2004. That being said, there were dungeons that were damn near impossible to complete, without 40 able minded players. That was a stretch, and it felt like a real accomplishment. That's because it was an accomplishment... it took hard work, and often times took great critical thinking.

The game today has become a cash cow for Blizzard, and their policies show that. From faction changes, to PvE/PvP trasfers, to 10/25 man steamroll dungeons, to now monetizing (and cashing in on) something they deemed a violation of the ToS... a week prior.
They have taken the hard work, and dedication required, and replaced it with money bought goods.

This is an honest question here, but are they creating a type of stock exchange in WoW?

Comment Re:Like the alternative is so much better (Score 1) 315

Having bought a home recently, and having seen my mortgage sold to Skank of Ameriwhore, I can offer the following:

In MA, there is a separate document you must sign, when applying for a mortgage, as well as closing on your home. This document says that the lender you are going through, has the right to do so. If you choose not to sign it, you can pretty much kiss your mortgage goodbye.
It is not an uninformed decision, and legally has to be explained to you.

Again, you are pretty much screwed into it, so there's a reasonable gripe...

Submission + - FBI Secret Tracking Tech on Trial (

SeeSp0tRun writes: An Arizona court has agreed to determine whether or not technology can be withheld when applying for a court order or a warrant. In specific, the FBI's Stingray cell phone tracking device is coming under fire for constitutionality purposes.
From the article:
"The judge then asked how an order or warrant could have been obtained without telling the judge what technology was being used. Battista said, "It was a standard practice, your honor." Unsatisfied, Judge Campbell stated that it "can be litigated whether those orders were appropriate."
This is a major case for those concerned about warrantless tracking.

Comment Why not... (Score 1) 624

Instead of shielding our kids from all the world's baddies... expose them. Teach them how to cope.
Back before the days of "cyber" bullying, we had... wait for it... regular bullying.
We taught our kids how to stand up for themselves.

Instead of protecting the children, why not focus on educating the parents on preparing their kids for real life?

What's next, curtailing my right to flip you off in traffic? That'll go over great in Boston...

Comment Re:Creative accounting (Score 2) 109

I had a professor explain this to me as the "shoes in China" theory. Basically, it says that you can make any assumptions you want, but unless they're based on cold hard facts, and 100% true, you're just FOS.
If I sell shoes in china, I could *in theory* be rich off of a 1/1000 success rate. It may never happen, but it looks like an easy goal on paper...

Comment Re:Simple. (Score 1) 619

I even do that to my wife, and she hates it.

If you just get a Google voice number, and chain it to your cell (for those not wearing a tinfoil hat as thick as a lead x-ray vest) the caller is asked to state their name. You then can answer, screen who it is, and decide whether to accept or deny. Deny shoots them to VM.
Added bonus: free texts if you have a data plan.

Submission + - Florida ICE Official Arrested for Child Porn (

SeeSp0tRun writes: In a strange, yet somehow expected, twist, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official has been arrested on charges relating to child pornography.
From the article: "Anthony Mangione, 50, of Parkland, Florida, was charged in a three-count indictment unsealed Wednesday with transportation of child pornography, receipt of child pornography and possession of child pornography, authorities said in a statement."

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