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Comment Re:Hmmmm ... (Score 5, Informative) 75

The map is actually produced from IAEA data, not from measurements, so no it won't help. On the contrary, the idea is that these measurements are so difficult/expensive to make that it's better to choose a place far from nuclear plants which would skew them. We can't just measure antineutrinos worldwide (at least for now).

Comment Re:O RLY (Score 5, Insightful) 259

unless those buying the seeds sign a contract which clearly states they assume all responsibility for what the seeds do to their environment

Well, I might not have the same perspective on "muh freedom", but you shouldn't be allowed to sign such a contract at all, because the scope obviously surpasses you. In an ideal world with an ideal justice system, such a contract should be void and both those who sold and those who used the seeds are responsible for the damage.

Sterile seeds have little to do with that, by the way, as they have been easy to produce and have been used for a long time already (sterility can be either desired or undesired depending on the crop, but usually it's just a side effect from hybridisation).

Comment Re:I guess they have never heard of two factor aut (Score 1) 731

What this paper says is only valid if "chip and signature" is an accepted method of payment, which is completely stupid and only caused by the widespread opposition in America to chip and pin. It's really like the story of the snake biting itself.

"The U.S. currently accounts for 47% of global credit and debit card fraud even though it generates only 27% of the total volume of purchases and cash". You really should not insist that the method used in much of the rest of the world, where fraud is 50% lower, is less secure. Because it really isn't.

Though I'm sure if you ever manage to switch, you will make sure to render your implementation completely flawed and useless, starting with idiotic "chip and signature" payments.

Comment Re:I guess they have never heard of two factor aut (Score 1) 731

Except it just doesn't happen, because the chip and pin system has not been broken yet (not in a meaningful, practical, usable way anyway). And if the card gets hacked from a database leak of some company that had your number stored, it's not chip and pin so you are fully covered. I really have trouble understanding all this opposition to chip and pin from Americans (not that I care a lot).

Comment Re:Government != people (Score 2) 419

Have you missed the part where this laws doesn't exist and it's just a bunch of companies trying to get the government to write it? And another company trying to get the government not to write it. What does it have to do yet with the incompetent morons who were voted into power? We can talk again once the law actually exists (which won't happen).

Comment Re:Sensors (Score 1) 175

On a site like /. it's assumed that you are so used to reading sloppy wording that editors can write "has" instead of "has support for"?

The activity sensors probably senses whether the device user is active or not. Now does it mean physical activity, or actually using the device, I don't know.

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