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Comment Re:You're not really explaining why you use T-Bird (Score 3, Insightful) 388

I use thunderbird as well, and multiple email accounts. I also use the web clients you mention. What Thunderbird gives me, is a single place for all my email accounts and emails I have received from all of them. If I delete an email from gmail, and Thunderbird downloaded it, it stays in there. It is like a big archive for all my email and a central repository to go to for searching across all email accounts (it is easy to forget which account you dealt with a subject on). My iPhone mail app is unable to look back very far, and each gmail account can only look at itself via the website, so this searching through all my emails comes in pretty handy.

Comment Leaked footage (Score 1) 254

I am interested in how this private company gets away with leaking this footage to the press to shame this woman. While what she did was not great, there should be some expectation of privacy in ordinary life. Obviously if this woman knew the footage was going to be public she may have behaved differently, but the company taking a private rude conversation public for all to see, should be liable damages to her reputation. It is not illegal to be a bitch, but she is suffering very real consequences.

Comment Re:AGW (Score 1, Insightful) 795

True, bot correlation does not not equal causation either. It is very likely CO2 concentrations are causing global warming. We don't have another planet to test on, but we know CO2 is a green house gas through experimentation. It is not now required to do so on a planetary scale, we've already proved they trap gasses. The authors interpretation of science might require you to test this on a planetary scale, but that is ridiculous.

Comment Re:22 years for theft, even with a gun, is harsh (Score 1) 143

If stiff sentences were an effective deterrent then the US would be the safest country in the world. This is what I call governing by one's gut. It seems like it should make sense it would work that way, but the science doesn't support it. It is just a big cost to everyone. 22 years is likely 1/3 of his life.

Comment 22 years for theft, even with a gun, is harsh (Score 1) 143

I find it a bit appalling that this guy got 22 years for robbery. Had he killed the guy, he would have got only a little bit more time. This sentence is disproportionate and does not serve the public at all. Now the tax payers are forced to support this guy for the next 22 years at a ridiculous cost. When he gets out, they will likely have to support him some more given the lack of training in prison, and opportunities afterward. If this guy had kids, this sentence could potentially alter the children's lives toward a life of crime too (though that is speculation, but statistically supported). Why not put the guy in prison for a year, with intense training, followed by 5 year years of probation. After leaving prison, his record will be sealed, and if he is well behaved on his probation for 5 years, cleared. Something a bit innovative. No one is being served by this guy going to jail for 22 years for a simple armed robbery.

Comment Re:Move. (Score 1) 516

Move is possible with international corporations. People cannot just move to another country. It takes years to immigrate to another country, possibly your prime earning years. If my job is outsourced to India for 20% of my pay, I cannot simply move to India to take up that job. And I can't really take an 80% paycut and continue my job here. It just doesn't work. The free market needs to start thinking more protectionist, or there will be a revolution if what is predicted by Bill and Alan comes to pass.

Comment Re:Need for long-term view of society (Score 2) 516

Not everyone can evolve like you say. Some jobs will be gone and people will be left behind. What we do about those people is what needs to change. Right now they are left to fend for themselves because we accuse them of not seeing the writing on the wall so it is their own fault. But the people at the top are very smart, and they are actively working against the people at the bottom to increase their profits. If the people at Ford could replace their skilled manufacturers with robots that cost $250 grand a piece, they would hop to it in an instant. That could be a virtual overnight change in manufacturing in the entire country if robots could be made dexterous enough to replace humans. We are probably only a few years away from doing that. Those people cannot all be left to fend for themselves, and upgrade their skills to do something else. It is beyond scale that is possible.

Solar Impulse Airplane To Launch First Sun-Powered Flight Across America 89

First time accepted submitter markboyer writes "The Solar Impulse just landed at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California to announce a journey that will take it from San Francisco to New York without using a single drop of fuel. The 'Across America' tour will kick off this May when founders Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg take off from San Francisco. From there the plane will visit four cities across the states before landing in New York."

Comment Re:Fired (Score 1) 427

Right, but surely there must be cases where people actually do tire of being the CEO. He clearly doesn't need the money. It is hard to infer from the press release what actually happened. He likely was fired for poor performance, but it is not impossible that he actually decided himself to leave for his own reasons and the board didn't try to convince him to stay.

Comment Re:Fired (Score 1) 427

Doesn't this mean that any time a CEO decided to pursue other interests he is fired? Sounds like the only way he would go without being fired is retire or it was long planned like with Bill Gates. John Riccitiello might show up as the head a new company very soon and it all his own doing of wanting to leave. The stock price fell very far already and was trending up; seems like odd timing to oust the CEO. I would have expected it to happen a few years ago instead of now.

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