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Comment Re:Customer service? (Score 1) 928

There are major parts of this story that many don't seem to take into account. The story we all hear is the story that this man ran to the news with. He never states exactly what he tweeted, he merely paraphrases what it said and it changes in different articles I've read about this. This leads me to believe he's not being completely forthcoming in his version of what the tweet said.

Another point is after the initial situation with the agent he admits to blurting out "Twitter will be hearing about this!". Perhaps. you have a different life experience, but the folks I meet in life that use phrases and tactics like this are far from reasonable people. They are the "I'm taking my football and going home!" types, when they don't get to be quarterback. His children were too old to qualify for the Family Boarding policy SWA has which is after the A group but before the B group. He'd had to have paid more for his tickets to get his children in the A group with himself. He simply chose not to and was hoping to get his kids through with the higher paid tickets for free. He intentionally planned his trip poorly by either not buying the correct tickets he wanted, or going with an airline that would let him buy assigned seats.

A major issue is that he did not simply state "The agent for flight X was very rude, I'm dissappointed @SWA". He proceeded to give her name and location out. This is what he admitted to openly, and based on his previous behavior that he admitted to, I'm inclined to think it was worse than he said. She very well might have been nervous for her safety, you don't know her situation, and nobody has heard her side of things yet. She might have an abusive ex she is trying to avoid, etc. It was not his place to do that. She might have been wrong, but nobody knows for sure because nobody has heard her say anything. Visit this man's twitter. It's private now, but you can still see he styles himself as a social media buff. He knows exactly what he's doing. At least be fair to her and cast judgement later.

Comment Re:Why do we have screen savers? (Score 1) 349

Newer plasmas do not suffer from burn-in issues. In fact, if an image is "stuck" after being displayed for an extended period of time, the solution is to simply watch TV on it. After a short while it returns to normal. Someone left a game paused on my TV for over a day once, and yes there was a slight shadow of it for a short while, by the time a half hour show was over it was gone.

Comment Off topic but I have to ask (Score 1) 454

I realize this is off-topic but I have to ask. Are some of the slashot ads now spawning malware tabs? This is a brand new install of windows with full A/V and firewall, clean install of firefox with no plugins. I know the ads are bad (some play audio now without permission), but one appears to be spawning multiple windows to fake updates for firefox or installs for malicious plugins. On a tech news site. This never used to happen before. I apologize for the post, but this is just ridiculous.

Comment Re:Ellsberg got a fair trial (Score 1) 519

Are you sure he did? He claims now that he was a CIA trained spy, and claimed before this even that he took the job at the NSA expressly to gather evidence. Someone who is taking a job to gather evidence doesn't go through proper channels to report. If you can post where NSA admitted, I would like to see because I haven't been able to find anything where they admitted it. A lot of his behavior and speech goes against what I would expect someone to do and say if they had only good intentions at heart.

I do believe his first leaks were good, alerting everyone to the NSA snooping network. Everything after that questions anything positive about the first part.

Comment Re:Activist investors (Score 1) 208

Coal is expected to overtake oil as the leading energy source soon. The coal companies themselves have already stated this will have no effect on their financial health, and that it's pretty much just a "makes us feel good anyway" action on the part of Stanford. After all, they sell their stock but certainly someone bought it.

Comment Re:For what jobs? (Score 1) 134

The Newport News Shipyard has a well known apprenticeship program with a full school and everything. I know several people who got their bachelors degree there and were working and getting paid while they did it. They now work to design the ship and sub components. My own brother was in it for a while before he switched to an outside school (still paid for by his employer) and is working on his master's degree as we speak. The Hampton Roads area alone has several large shipyards, large manufacturing plants and rail yards.

Comment Re:the good news (Score 1) 225

I have to mention that MREs now are at least as good as anything I've had canned from something like Chef Boyardee. The Chili MRE is actually better than most canned chili brands I've tasted. I was also shocked that when I added cold water to the milkshake bag, it really did taste like a milkshake. Not the best clearly but close enough to be considered a nice treat to find in the MRE bag.

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