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Comment Re:Brogramming??? (Score 1) 432

Growing up, I used to know a lot of people who were carpenters. A lot of them were respectable hard working people working for a lower middle class living. And then the other half were drunks who could never keep a job, but could always get a job as a carpenter.
Was your house framed on a Monday or Friday?

My uncle was a roofer, but that was out of state - so my sample size is one. Made an excellent living, but then he owned his own company. He has some hilarious stories(plural) about them accidently tearing down the roofs of the wrong house.

Comment Re:Synology DiskStation (Score 1) 212

I also use a Synology DiskStation that I leave offsite at my brother's house and backup to it.
Very impressed by it all around.

Sure it costs some bucks and its functionality could be done cheaper in a DIY NAS box or a server with a RAID, but the convenience is worth it for me. I'm a software developer and I prefer to focus on code, not system administration.

That and my wife has a very large clip art collection for her retirement hobby/job that must be backed up and safe at all times!

Comment Re:Not NetBSD (Score 5, Interesting) 492

Except that it wont happen for 25 years... FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, CHANGE... RUN!!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!! (in 25 years)...

With the acceleration of development that has been occurring over even the last 10 years, I hardly doubt there will be much to worry about 25 years from now.

You sound like a manager.
Leave this on the back burner for the next 24.5 years and then drop everything because then the sky is falling.

I'm glad this issue got mentioned because frankly I don't ever think about the unix epoch time overflowing. It's a good thing to give programmers a nudge for their current(and future) development
  "Hey use 64 bit time values"
    "Oh yeah, sure,"
    25 years later, no problem.

Comment Better, but still nervous (Score 1) 524

2008 - Three years of being dramatically underpaid for doing software engineering for an extremely complex and custom monitoring framework for a fortune 50 company. They never were able to hire any additional engineers because the skill sets were never there to hire and they didn't want to take the time to train anyone up like they did for me. You'd think they realize that even a token raise might be in order, but no.

2009 - working at a new company, making 30% more doing simple web programming and much happier with life until eight months later when the new company downsizes and all but the most senior IT people are cut.

2010 - After seven months unemployment, back at the same fortune 50 company, but a completely different department doing system admin automation for almost what I was making doing web programming. Then a year later an unexpected pay raise kicks me up over past what my last job paid. Reward for my diligent efforts at my new job? No -- the company had been losing talent to another large company that set up new IT operations in the area and they wanted to keep who they still had. A lucky spin on the IT wheel of fortune I guess.

2011 - My wife decides to retire from the University after 34 years. A reorganization of her entire division(Mainframe operations) is kicking her down to a poorly trained help desk monkey. Hand writing is on the wall -- those who can leave. I like having her at home, but now it's a single income household as we are saving the bulk of her retirement savings until we need it and spending the rest on paying off the house and making large improvements. Now I am feeling good about being a loser who didn't trade up in the housing boom. Money is tight and we have to coordinate our spending with each other for the first time.

2012 - More of the same. Some money saved and invested - waiting for the RIF hammer to drop. Doubtful it will occur this year or next, but can never feel safe from it. Part of this anxiety comes from other downsizings I went through previous to 2008, but then we always had her job to fall back on. I'm working on some outside programming projects that could be monetized, but finding the time is difficult. I think I have to go this route because when they decide to get rid of the old men, I'm not going to have the same retirement balance my wife had.
      I'm 43 and the youngest of my coworkers. Again, they don't want to hire anyone who isn't going to be immediately productive. I shudder to think where they think they are going to find my replacement if they aren't ever going to train anyone up. But I'm sure on paper it looks like no problem at all.

Comment Re:Glenn Beck is a fucking moron. (Score 1) 413

Examples? Citations? Please share.

I remember watching him using scare tactics to convince his audience that food shortages were immenient and everyone should rush out and buy 20 pound bags of rice. A shortage of rice(really a price increase) in the international market was in the news that week because the typical exporters of rice were keeping more of their output for domestic consumption that year. That was in 2008. I hope grandpa and uncle fred like 4 year old rancid rice.

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