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Comment Re:not too surprising (Score 1) 933


Someone yelled at me for "being deluded that picking a party matters" but remember the other option in 2008 was a 75 year old man and Sarah Palin. So I decided to do what little I could.

So "what little" you could do was put a moron in charge of the country?

The man barely ever did his job in congress, let alone any REAL work in the REAL world and you elected him to leader?

I scratched out the candidate names in 2008 and wrote in Arthur Fonzarelli. A fictional character had better chances at successfully running a country, especially with a full two years of absolute power in both the White House and Congress.

Comment Re:Something not quite right (Score -1, Flamebait) 933

Mainly because the Tea Party crowd wasn't this nasty, vile and violent. They weren't simply vagabonds, drug users, drug dealers, rapists and clueless idiots looking for a place to squat for free while ACORN and the labor unions fund them to do nothing but complain about no work while not out looking for any.

Then again, you can't expect democrats to be intelligent. All they know how to do is spend other people's money and then tax the people who never told them to spend it in the first place.

Comment Re:The substance that does it all (Score -1) 33

Honestly, is there anything Graphene CAN'T do? I'm just waiting for an article to appear that states Graphene may be a cure for Cancer and AIDS rolled into one.
And then I'm fully expecting another article stating that it's more deadly than asbestos.

There are lots of things graphene cannot do. For instance, it can't make a sandwich for me and bring me beer.

Comment Re:A real important thing to note... (Score 0) 967

There is a BIG difference between "global warming", "climate change" and "synthetic climate change" (i.e. caused by man and wouldn't have happened if we weren't here). This is a study that on its own proves nothing, and (if confirmed by multiple independent sources and techniques) can only confirm the first term "warming".

At the moment, people want to do the equivalent of walking outside, seeing it's hotter than an hour ago and saying "We're all going to burn to death!" when, actually, they have no idea if it's summer, winter, where on the Earth (or not) they are, what time it is or anything else. In reality, the data we have means nothing and certainly *doesn't* indicate any sort of "climate change" that's out of the ordinary.

If you don't understand that, that's a shame.

I absolutely guarantee you 100% that the planet has been hotter than before, and will be again, and that the planet has been MUCH colder than this before, and will be again. The answer to the questions that people actually WANT to ask ("Are we causing the planet to heat up more than it would naturally?" and, if so, "Will this affect anything?") are hidden somewhere in that data and are not only elusive, but inconclusive and downright disappointing to climate-change-believers.

When I was in a restaurant in Corsica a few years ago, the waiter got talking to my father-in-law (a physicist) about science. In his broken English, he blamed the hot weather on people burning petrol in their cars because, and I quote, "It wasn't this hot last year". Our response and his adamant reaction led us to never eat in that place again.

Data is one thing. But the key to science is in the interpretation.

This was beautifully put.

Comment Re:Then again... (Score 0, Flamebait) 384

Let me guess... you deluded yourself into thinking Apple and Steve "The Magic Master" Jobs somehow innovated* open source and Google took advantage of that with Android?

*Apple hasn't innovated anywhere. They've only been copying products and marketing them better than most over the last 30 years.

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