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Comment Re:Only Power Users will notice (Score 1) 186

> I'll probably get flamed for daring to say this, but what the hell

Good thing you added this disclaimer!

I've been working on Linux/laptop for the past eight years. No complaints. In contrary.
When I receive a new laptop, I install Linux before Windows even has a change to boot.
I know, it's your opinion against my opinion. But I'd just wanted you to know that some people do like Linux on laptops.
Your mileage clearly varies.

Comment Re:For a day? (Score 1) 460

Funny how economical and driving culture are opposites:

- US economics: liberal; US driving: egalitarian.
- European economics: egalitarian; European driving: liberal.

Seems cultures that are against rules in some field overcompensate by introducing rules in another field. "The Rules" for dating, for example, come to mind as another one of those subjects where the US is ridiculuous in that way.

Comment Re:Yay for common sense (Score 1) 612

Here's some brain food for you: The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger, by R. Wilkinson and K. Pickett:

What they find is that, in states and countries where there is a big gap between the incomes of rich and poor, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity and teenage pregnancy are more common, the homicide rate is higher, life expectancy is shorter, and children’s educational performance and literacy scores are worse . . . [Wilkinson and Pickett] emphasise that it is not only the poor who suffer from the effects of inequality, but the majority of the population.

Comment Re:The French would disagree (Score 1) 473

French "droit patrimonial" gives an exclusive right that runs until 70 years after the death of the author. If wikipedia is correct, it says that in the US it's: 70 years after the death, or 95 years after publication, or 120 years after creation.

You see, the French are not that bad. They certainly do not lobby for infinity. And they have changed the limit only twice in over 200 years.

(Sorry for the links to the French pages, but I found them clearer.)

Comment Re:Bad economics (Score 1) 809

Thanks to the billions invested by the US government to develop computers in the 50's (cfr. the SAGE project), the US has had the upperhand in computer hardware and software until now. The US have been able to develop fantastic new technologies that stimulated economic growth and boosted productivity. Slashdot is a fine example of these new technologies. If the US invests heavily in smart grids, within 10 years we will be able to slashdot distributed nuclear battery networks.

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