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Comment Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 837

I think the most equitable they could do would be to leave some of the gas tax in place (because pollution), and then make a miles * weight formula for the rest.
Something like:

$0.15 per gallon gas tax AND
$0.015 * miles driven * weight ÷ 4000 (approx average car weight in lbs)

This would attempt to give some of a break to those with fuel efficient cars (no/lower gas taxes), some of a break to those with lighter (less road damage) cars, and push some of the tax onto those who do the most damage (semi + trailer at about 80000 lbs). Semis could be taxed based on each load they take, to make the taxes more accurate, and not penalize them for the miles they drive as just the tractor (~7-10 tons).

Comment Re:Pass because the price point is too high (Score 1) 80

Anecdotal, but here's my experience. I had a 5i5 for about a month (then returned it in anticipation of the 5i7, which I got two weeks ago). The 5i5 didn't really get loud, even under heavy load, which was very nice. The 5i7 will wind up and whine whenever Plex has a new video to transcode, which it seems to decide to do at random times (read: when trying to get to sleep). In the same room this will become an issue, but it is fine in the next room over. However, I don't know that I would really recommend the 5i7 as an HTPC, as the volume would get annoying while watching a movie or TV show. The 5i5 should be able to handle all that, anyway.

(The main reason I got the 5i7 instead of the 5i5 was that I want to try to Hackintosh it at some point. There is a MacBook [Air?] with the same CPU/GPU as the 5i7, so it should be supported, there isn't one with the same CPU/GPU as the 5i5.)

Comment Re:Wrong point. (Score 1) 186

People *can* have more than 3 days of food, yes. But some people don't. Those are the people that live on restaurants, takeout, or work cafeteria, etc. There are actually people with fridges like in Fight Club ( no food, just condiments).

Comment Recoil in horror (Score 1) 394

The thought that someone actually "literally recoiled in horror at the idea of someone not being on Facebook" makes me metaphorically recoil in horror at the thought of associating with such a person. Seriously? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given how overreactive people seem to be these days (just now, I almost typed "how overreactive everyone is", what an overreaction that would've been!).

Comment Re:What about the race of the escapee? (Score 1) 251

I hope that comment was to the world at large, not just to me. I was interpreting the study based on the wording of the summary.

White users were told that they had to reach the exit of the virtual building as soon as possible. The number of users who decided to help tripled when the virtual victim was white rather than black

In a study, I can understand stating that it was white users, for the sake of full disclosure and clarity. In a Slashdot summary, it's click-bait, so I put on my racism hat and reacted the way I was supposed to.

Comment Re:What about the race of the escapee? (Score 3, Informative) 251

For me, the page is blank but then redirects to:

From the PDF:
The participants were Italian and white. They were psychology students (N = 96; 48 women, 48 men) who volunteered to participate without any reward. Their mean age was 24 (SD = 2.82).

Nice of them to not even test black people saving white, that way white people can feel like shit.

Comment Re:Best idea is not to hide. (Score 1) 247

Pretty sure the main premise for many zombie apocalypse settings is that the zombie outbreak is caused by a disease that infects healthy, regular humans, possibly killing them, possibly not. When they die, however, they become zombies. This means that there is an unknown disease spreading, potentially worldwide, that infects people *before* we start seeing zombies. That's not a single zombie infecting the rest of us.

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