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Comment cameras everywhere (Score 1) 1123

A good protest to this is to stand around in areas where there are a lot of surveillance cameras holding a sign saying "I do not consent to being video recorded" This kind of works both ways, doesn't it? If there is a legal precedent being set by cops using this clause, civilians could use the same clause to discount evidence gathered by cctv, couldn't they?

Comment Dear computer makers (Score 0, Offtopic) 756

Why can't we just have everything? Why does it have to be multitasking OR multitouch? clearly the tech is capable of both, why can't we just have it? is multitasking too complex for the average user to get their head around? that's been part of both mac and pc computing from the word "OS", why is it suddenly a new concept? multitouch and gestures are new, and a revolution if they could be used for computing and not just dicking around. can you imagine? a multitouch interface with final cut pro, moving video clips around a timeline and synching sound effects with gesture? hot damn, that's a sweet concept! but it's not yet! and it so totally could be now! why can't we have nice things?!

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