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Submission + - How Do You Backup 20TB of Data? 2

Sean0michael writes: Recently I had a friend lose their entire electronic collection of music and movies by erasing a RAID array on their home server. He had 20TB of data on his rack at home that had survived a dozen hard drive failures over the years. But he didn't have a good way to backup that much data, so he never took one. Now he wishes he had.

Asking around among our tech-savvy friends though, no one has a good answer to the question, "how would you backup 20TB of data?". It's not like you could just plug in an external drive, and using any cloud service would be terribly expensive. Blu-Ray discs can hold a lot of data, but that's a lot of time (and money) spent burning discs that you likely will never need. Tape drives are another possibility, but are they right for this kind of problem? I don' t know. There might be something else out there, but I still have no feasible solution.

So I ask fellow slashdotters: for a home user, how do you backup 20TB of Data?

Submission + - Stem cells used to restore sight for corneal disea (news.com.au)

Sean0michael writes: "Australian scientists have Restored the sight of three human test subjects using stem cells cultured in contact lenses. All the patients were blind in only one eye. Two were legally blind, but can now read the big letters on an eye chart. The third could read the first few lines, but is now able to pass a driver's test. The University of New South Wales reports that these patients all had damaged corneas, and the stem cells came from each person's good eye. The best part--the procedure is inexpensive, raising hopes for being able to push this to the third world sooner than other, more expensive medications."

Submission + - OpenOffice Getting A Facelift (openoffice.org)

Sean0michael writes: "OpenOffice is looking for a facelift, so they have launched their own Renaissance project to get things rolling. The project is just beginning, so now is a good chance to get in on the ground floor and make your opinions heard. Bruce Byfield at Datamation draws attention to the complexity of the process and the different directions this project might take. While the revamped UI is still a few years away, you can get involved now by taking a quick survey to help the project get its bearings."

Submission + - Wikileaks Shut Down by Cayman Bank (wikileaks.be)

Sean0michael writes: According to this article on The Register, The US arm of Wikileaks has been taken off-line by Bank Julius Baer, the parent company of a Cayman bank accused of helping launder money and evading taxes. Incriminating articles were posted by a former VP. The Register writes:

The agreement came in a lawsuit brought by Bank Julius Baer, the parent company of the accused Cayman bank. After trying unsuccessfully to get Wikileaks to remove the documents, Swiss-based Julius Baer went after Dynadot, which according to this copy of the court order, agreed to roll over in exchange for the suit against it being dismissed. Dynadot also agreed to turn over records related to Wikileaks, including "IP addresses and associated data used by any person, other than Dynadot, who accessed the account for the domain name".
The court order is posted on foreign Wikileaks pages, so the whole site is still intact. But the US domain has been revoked.

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