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Comment Re:FSM (Score 1) 763

I think the "good" point is that while they believe the Bible is true, they accept some of it may be allegorical or metaphorical. Stories with a moral dimension rather than a literal description of reality. Where the Universe contradicts the Bible, then clearly the Bible is not describing reality, but rather is providing a parable.

Comment Re:Can you pass the binaries around? (Score 1) 339

I love it. You have a strap line about science by Feynman, yet you clearly don't fit to the ideals he would identify with. You make an unsubstantiated assertion, refuse to back it up when challenged and then run away when asked to provide evidence. In other words, completely antithetical to anything Feynman would stand for.

Right, here are the FACTS:

  • The word "binary" and "binaries" appear precisely 0 times in the license text. "Object code" appears 21 times.
  • It defines "Program" as "...any copyrightable work licensed under this License"
  • Binaries cannot be copyrighted, code can.
  • It defines "Corresponding Source" as not needing to "...include anything that users can regenerate automatically from other parts of the Corresponding Source..." In other words, since object code can be generated from the source, it does not form part of the Corresponding Source.
  • So, if you're distributing "object code", you must also distribute the "Corresponding Source", but if you're distributing source code, then "The Corresponding Source for a work in source code form is that same work"
  • Section 6 covers distributing object code, and the rules for including source with it.
  • There is NOTHING, NOTHING about having to distributed "object code" with source code.

The license I looked at is here.

In other words, you're wrong. You've been wrong from the beginning, but have flailed around like an idiot trying to avoid the difficulty of reading the license itself. I've read it several times before, along with the BSD, MIT, earlier GPLs and the MS licenses, and Creative Commons licenses. I am often asked to advise on software licensing issues for my main client, a stock exchange, as well as having drafted licenses for my company's software products.

However, even I was not so arrogant as to assume I was right, and I went and reviewed the license terms after your first (rude) reply to me.

Argument from authority is a logical fallacy, which is why I provide evidence to back up my assertion that your initial, and still unsubstantiated, assertion is wrong. This should not be necessary, since it is usually the person making the assertion who is required to provide the evidence to back their statements up. Of course, you refused to do this, petulantly claiming I had been rude, when in fact the rudeness came from you in your very first reply to me.

Either grow up, or shut up. Provide evidence to back up your assertion or go away.

"Dumb, but clever"; what a stupid comment

Oh, and change your signature, someone as intellectually bankrupt as you should not be associated with Feynman. Anyway, it's not even a Feynman quote, the real one goes "The test of all knowledge is experiment. Experiment is the sole judge of scientific “truth”."

Now, for the last time, go away. Go play with your friends.

Comment Re:Gee, I wonder what "warming" means (Score 1) 468

Do you have lots of peat bogs? Because here in South Africa we've got very few wetlands. We've got a few deserts which will get bigger. No tundra, not much rain forest. So, the basic point seems to be "the already hot parts of the Earth will just have to starve, and those of us in the temperate latitudes will be alright Jack". Short sighted,immoral, as well as flat out wrong.

Comment Re:Can you pass the binaries around? (Score 1) 339

No, no it doesn't.

it says that when you distribute a "Program" you must include source. It says NOTHING about being required to distribute binaries. Such a requirement would be stupid in the extreme, because what kind of binaries? What if the "Program" runs in an interpreter or browser as JavaScript? What if I provided Windows binaries for an Android app?

Comment Re:Not Bill Gates' Microsoft (Score 1) 339

1) There is this thing called "Linux" out there. Have you tried it? KDE is better than W7 in so many ways... And IceWM is better in other ways.

You're SO RIGHT! This is it, 2013, the Year of the Linux Desktop!

People just don't UNDERSTAND how much Linux is better than Win/OsX, but I'm sure that this newfangled KDE and IceWM will make them come to their senses. I mean, they must be new right, it can't possibly be that people have seen them and been underwhelmed?

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