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Comment Re:How long before Sega asks for it back? (Score 1) 79

The console is called the Sega Pluto, and apparently only two prototype units were ever made. The one you see in the gallery above is owned by a former Sega of America employee who somehow ended up with it on his desk at Sega. When he got laid off the Pluto was placed in a box and taken home.

"You wasted how much on this boondoggle? I want you AND your pet project OUT OF HERE!"

Comment Re:The Internet is based on C (Score 5, Interesting) 201

Without C code there would literally be no Internet.

Because obviously only C is Turing-complete.

Before I stir up any vitriol, I'm just kidding. I think C is under appreciated precisely because is provides only a thin abstraction that (hopefully) maps well to the target architecture, but otherwise stays out of the way. That is to say, when all you have is a hammer, you can easily shoot yourself in the foot.

Comment More information (Score 2) 93

Data Update 13/11 – 12:20 UTC : - Joke reports ups and downs. NO jacuzzi, but a brownish stain coming up now and then. NO magmatic material (at least not visible) in the stain area. - The stain coloring cannot be seen on the webcam. Joke stands 150 meter above the sea level and has a better view over the sea.

Data Update 13/11 – 12:15 UTC : Webcam live again (eruption camera not stable – wind instability or technicians working on it)

Data Update 13/11 – 10:38 UTC : - Joke has arrived at the Naos viewpoint and reports that a new stain is forming approx. or on the location of the former jacuzzi. The new stain is brownish at the inside , green at the ourskirts and a layer of foam at the edge. - she also says that people currently in La Restinga are reporting a strong gas smell

Data Update 13/11 – 10:27 UTC : - 10 (volcanic) earthquakes since midnight. The strongest one being a 2.7 magnitude earthquake. - The depth varying from 18 to 23 km (only -10 km depth would be a very important new event) - GPS deformation (the change of the surface because of the pressure of the magma) is relatively unchanged, which is one of the indications (in combination with harmonic tremor) that the eruption i probably still going on.


Incidentally, what are the chances they'll just end up with an atoll? Would this land rush be damp squib?

Comment Re:KISS (Score 1) 315

I'm aware of the distinction. You might note that I listed both, but did not conflate them as you suggest. As an aside, a general knowledge of Material Science is of little use if your Metallurgy knowledge is limited, or non-existent.

My advice was meant to imply that practical skills should be backed up by relevant theoretical knowledge, as the complement is stronger than either alone.

Comment KISS (Score 2) 315

Decide what you want them to take away from the session:
  • What is Computer Science?
  • Why might someone want to pursue Computer Science?
  • What is a typical career in IT-related fields like?
  • What are your motivations and experiences?

You could also describe a (typical?) high-level problem and work through the basic steps you would use to solve it.
Keep it brief, as initial interest in the area is not a given.

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