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Journal Journal: RTFJ.

I use Windows 98, 2000, and XP, on different computers, all of which I use daily. In addition to that, my primary computer that I use is a dual proc AMD 2600+ MP with 4GB of RAM, running gentoo linux. I'm developing my own mini distro specifically for a soekris box, which runs less keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and I'm programming the entire thing over a null modem cable.

I'm not biased against either OS. I just know what I'm using, and why. I'm not a windows zealot nor a linux zealot, I just know better than to think one is vastly superior over the other in every aspect, to the point where the other shouldn't be used.
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Journal Journal: Die slashdot.

This ticks me off.

"Fall out of favor"? Ahm?

I thought that a majority of the pro-linux rants were true, but I'm sorry, if you can't open your eyes enough to actually use the Evil Product, then you happen to be a zealot , and you can go die as far as I'm concerned.

Then, you go fearing the zealots? What, your karma isn't worth speaking how you really feel?

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Journal Journal: I might actually start using this journal now. 1

I realized that today, I had a person on my "Fans" list.


So I guess I'll start actually writing in this. I've had someone in my freaks list for a while, and I honestly have no idea why.

However, I think that this post might have something to do with this friend.

So yay, I'll actually use my journal now. For whatever reasons. Boredom mostly, and an occasional rant here and there.

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