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Comment Diplomatic (Score 1) 1005

Meh. Trump has intentionally branded himself as being non-diplomatic. So this shouldn't really surprise anyone. At the same time him saying what he did really changes nothing. He mentioning China while being undiplomatic is also something that is obvious to anyone on Slashdot so I don't see how that can upset anyone. I doubt any of it is really true to be honest. However both countries, and in particular China, have had many accusations towards them in hacking, espionage etc... It is just that is publicly "said" it.

I'm sure if Russia did hack the DNC or Hillary it was probably just because of curiosity while watching the shitshow that is the American politics the last year or so. Kinda like someone might hack a network to see the next crazy episode of some reality show (which is probably way Trump is doing so well, he's figured out early that he can just treat this as a reality show which he has a lot of experience at).

Putin: OK I gotta know what happens next it's killing me! Russian Hackers Assemble!

Comment Too much credit (Score 1) 694

First of all comparing either Hillary or Trump to Stalin or Hitler is a bit much. Neither of them are anywhere close. For specific example, Hitler had 6 million Jews killed, and Stalin killed 20 million land owners. To compare Hillary who may be a bit of a Wall Street shill, who will do little to change the status quo of wealth inequality, but may advance a few aspects of women;s rights is absurd. Likewise comparing the bombastic Trump who will say a lot of outrageous things, but will likely accomplish very little (other than be entertaining) in office should he manage to get there because there are plenty of democratic checks and balances is also a bit much. At most he could use is veto power to make sure even less is accomplished during his term.

As a side note, I wonder who people compared Stalin and Hitler to before there was Stalin and Hitler to compare people to?

Comment First of all 2 things (Score 1) 94

1) BB has always maintained that they will cooperate with the legal privacy practices within the countries they operate in. Within Canada that means that if the RCMP want to take a peak they will need to get a judge to give them a warrant to do so. I believe there is an exception where they would have to prove there is "imminent" risk to life, which due to a somewhat recent ruling is likely difficult to do. If you think it is otherwise for any other phone, you are fooling yourself.

2) Technically they said the "phone" is the most secure. They said nothing of their servers which may be recording everything and open for inspection! :)

I've never had a BB and I doubt I would get one. However on the topic of security, if you are depending on any companies claims you probably will be disappointed. If you want to be truly secure, you need to do that personally and there are ways to achieve that both in technology and process. It likely won't be very convenient, as security never is, but that really depends how important it is to you. For most people (99.99999%) there is no need for ultra iron clad security anyway, nothing I say or do is really all that important really.

Comment Probably True (Score 1) 410

MS just taking a page out of the Apple playbook and their walled garden. Years ago I had an Apple iPhone (3GS). One of the most frustrating things about it I found was being forced to use iTunes which was a huge POS (by design I later found). One of the things iTunes liked to do was break links to music not bought on iTunes. You could repair the links, but only manually, and only one at a time... Just broken enough to annoy you into using iTunes more. When I searched for answers, found that this was a "bug" that has been identified by the user community like 5 years prior, never fixed. Community was so frustrated with Apple, they built an open source java fix themselves. However each and every successive iTunes release would find a way to break the 3rd party fix. Forcing the guy who maintained it to eventually just give up in frustration. If was shortly after figuring all this out, I decided to make the move to Android.

  So my advice for Steam is to really work towards Linux/Android. MS will almost certainly play their games (pardon pun). However there is a good chance that MS will almost certainly be even worse than Apple, and frustrate people. If you have an alternative available that people can use, I'm guessing the capitalization on that could be pretty big.

Comment WMC (Score 1) 372

That would be probably the biggest improvement. However I will go one better. Since moving from 7 to 10, I *HAD* to find a WMC replacement. I found Plex.

MS should just take some of the money they have sitting in the bank, go out and buy Plex the company, re-brand it as MS, release the Pro version and mobile apps for free to everyone with Windows 10. Done. Many happy people.

Plex is way better than WMC ever was.

Of course that is assuming that MS doesn't immediately wreak Plex. On second though forget I said anything...

Comment Job Insecurity (Score 1) 346

I think this has more to do with millennials being saddled with more job insecurity than ever before. It would simple make sense to have a side job (or side hustle, whatever stupid hipsters) when the job you're in could end at any time.

All those employment statistics that people see fail to really show how many of those "created" jobs are part-time, short term, contract, consults, etc... The side job also basically gives you more experience when you inevitably have to start looking for a new job every 6 months. Between outsourcing, insourcing, weakening unions, companies wanting "flexible" work forces, etc... it is no wonder really.

I don't think it is totally about money (though I'm sure that's part of it), boredom, or liking some hobby in particular, or dream job. I think perhaps that some may seen value in doing something the actually enjoy on the side just in case they can get it to pan out. Not only are they doing this on "their" time which has meaning, but also they'll be more motivated to stick with it if they do, and understand that it likely has more experience value than just getting shifts in retail or service.

For example: You could be a fresh young coder out of school, you manage to land a coding job, but it is long hours, contract, doesn't pay great, and you are constantly looking at job postings to keep employed with the next coding gig. However you are also an artist, so you do that on your own time/dime, but try to make a go of it as best you can say using social media and a web store you created, while trying to sell some original works where ever you can. You probably don't make a lot of money doing it, but enjoy it so it isn't so bad. Thinking down the road, perhaps you'll be involved in a project or a job competition where they are looking for an artist for a video game where coding might be an asset (or vice versa). You may have made a bit of a history of work and have a portfolio to show and be an established (somewhat) successful artist. I believe in investing it is called having a diversified portfolio...

Anyway just my take on it. I think if I was put in the same situation that is how I might approach it.

Comment Yahoo! (Score 1) 192

So today we see that the company Yahoo is to be sold for less than 5 Billion, and we also see that Nintendo mentions it is only part owner of the creators of the Pokemon Go game and looses over 6 Billion in value.

That has got to be some salt in the wound of Yahoo I have to think. Your worth exactly less than part of a company that owns a small part of another company that made a popular video game. Internet Empire!

Comment No always bad either. (Score 1) 206

No to defend Trump, but this was always something that bugged me. It seemed the media liked the soundbite more than the actual facts. Bankruptcy isn't really all that uncommon in business, and in many cases all it is just a way to protect yourself (corporation) from creditors, while you restructure and realign the business into a more successful one. Not all of them as I understand it lead to a sell off of all assets and dissolution of everything. In addition to all that, as you say Trump has had more than a few businesses over the years, it is to be expected that some of them would fail. Indeed it sounds like a lot of ventures he wasn't really all that involved with, but his partnership pretty much just included the "Trump" name, which when they fail isn't great for his "brand", but probably have little other impact.

If you recall American Companies GM and Chrysler recently went through Bankruptcy. However they are still around and worth hundreds of billions employing hundreds of thousands of people. Even Ford who managed to avoid it, did go through it twice in its early years. Considering likely most of Trump's assets are in real estate, and given the housing issues around the same time, it is hardly all that surprising.

Comment AOL (Score 1) 206

WOW! So now Verizon owns both AOL AND Yahoo... The 1990's called. They want their technology back!

Though likely the most valuable assets were the 15 percent interest in Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, what's left of the Yahoo user base, and the real estate (which was probably all purchased at the height of Yahoo's value)...

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 769

Agreed. Politics aside, I found all the people making a point of Trump's "Bankruptcies" either A) stupid and do not understand what that word actually means, or B) simply using it in a disingenuous manner in the assumption that their audience really doesn't know what it means.

I don't think at any time Trump ever declared *personal* bankruptcy, but rather one of the very many corporations he either runs or has associations with. Looking at the business and corporate world, this isn't even all that uncommon. People always seems to be spouting that entrepreneurs can't be afraid of "failure", and that each leads to more opportunities and growth etc...

What it actually means is protection from creditors for a corporate identify while financial restructuring is made to realign the business into a more successful one. I think one of the more notable ones were during the auto crisis. Guess what, they are still around making billions.

That said, on the actual topic, I doubt Russia cares either way. In fact were I to guess I think they would likely prefer Clinton, in that they already pretty much know what she will do, and probably doubt she would do anything rash (i.e. just the status quo). Whereas with Trump, who the hell knows what his reaction might be to anything (i.e. much more of a wildcard)? So simply from a perspective of predicted responses to intended actions I think they would much prefer Clinton. Also she's a woman so she can't be tough right? (jk, but perhaps from the largely male perspective of Russian politics maybe).

Comment Bluetooth specifications (Score 1) 533

Agreed. Alternatives need to mature more before being used as primaries. Weird USB connectors aside, Bluetooth or something akin to it needs to simply work better. Also things need to get much less expensive. You can buy some 5$ earbuds and use a 3.5mm jack and reasonably expect it to work (sound quality aside).

I don't have an electrical outlet on my back deck, so I have tried a number of portable wireless devices for music as an alternative. If you read the box of any product with Bluetooth, it will list the "official" specifications. They state that there will be a range of 33 feet or 10 meters. I've yet to see ANY working device actually achieve that specification. I've tried "cheap" 70$ devices that literally had a range of a few inches. You had to have your phone sitting right beside it, which is ironic because the devices would also have a 3.5mm aux port also which you could use wired at a even greater distance. At that range it would even be useless with headphones and your phone in your pocket unless you taped it to your head. My current device is actually pretty good, but I had to pay a couple of hundred dollars for it, and even it doesn't max out the specification distance, and will have significant sound issues (cutting out and noise), as you approach it's own max distance. Mind you that would be sufficient for personal use for headphones, but again you are paying significantly for it.

So before they go pretty much totally wireless they really need to mature and refine the technology first as otherwise you will have a more expensive less useful product that is only going to frustrate users. Pairing can also be frustrating, and in many cases the technology is pretty rudimentary in actually functionality, which could be a software thing, but may have to do with the actual standards themselves needing some work. As mentioned I have a bunch of Bluetooth devices, some work better than others... Who knows perhaps Apple will implement a really good design, I just know my current experiance has been wildly inconsistent.

Comment Big Projects (Score 1) 507

If there is something that Communism is good at it is very large projects, long term goals, important but possibly unpopular reforms.

Less authoritarian systems have difficulty beyond the 4-5 year political cycle (or even half of that as that is now when politicians start campaigning). Private sector seems to have even less forward thinking, maybe a year for some, quarterly for many.

So while there are obviously some serious flaws with "working" (as opposed to the ideal that never really existed) Communism, it does have some significant "positives" as well (depending on your point of view).

Comment Jim Jefferies (Score 1) 507

In his most recent comical rant had a bit about how religions and not atheists kill people...

Which ignores China, Russia, and North Korea to name a few... I'm sure there were also a bunch of pretty secular despots of some smaller nations throughout history that killed a bunch of people as well... So one could probably include communism as well as simply power really.

Not that I totally disagree with the sentiment, only that it isn't exactly totally factual correct really.

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