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Comment Re:Define "a lot"... (Score 1) 426

Your numbers looked good until you got to the DSi. You just estimated that 57% (172k/300k) of DSi owners are left-handed, (and then dismissed it because of market size!) One of your sales numbers is off by a lot. For simplicity, we could just assume 30k, 10% of DSi sales. I suspect it's a little higher, since among gaming systems, the DS in general has more left-handed owners than other consoles since there is usually pretty good support for moving buttons to the other side if you want to use a stylus with your left hand. (I'm a left-handed DS owner myself) I have the impression the DSi download market is pretty low in general.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 480

Think about it... you are getting standard edition for "free". Google wouldn't do unless some non-trivial number of users is READING and CLICKING on those ads. If your secretary is working on a budget spreadsheet, and gets distracted by an google ad in the corner of her spreadsheet, gets distracted and clicks on it, and goes browsing for 20 minutes as a result... that costs you money. And THAT is PRECISELY what your beloved partner google is counting on. THAT is their entire business model. Give you the app for free, and then extract a profit by luring your staff to click ads instead of work.

There are no ads in google docs.

Comment Re:Logitech MX Revolution (Score 1) 569

While we're extolling the benefits of nicely contoured mice, the Logitec MX 610 is a similar model to this but is also available in contours for left-handed people. This probably doens't help the original poster, but may be useful information to others in this thread. I've been very happy with mine.

Comment Re:depends (Score 1) 1137

I'm not exactly sure how it works in Canada, but in many places in the US, speeding tickets will affect your car insurance at least as much as a minor accident. Get a couple of them close together and they could consider you a risky driver.

Wikipedia Opts Out Of Phorm 98

ais523 writes "Wikipedia (and other websites run by Wikimedia) have requested to opt-out from Phorm; according to the email they sent, they 'consider the scanning and profiling of our visitors' behavior by a third party to be an infringement on their privacy.'" Another reader points to this post on which includes a confirmation from Phorm that those sites will be excluded.

Lose Your Amazon Account and Your Kindle Dies 419

Mike writes "If you buy a Kindle and some Kindle ebooks from Amazon, be careful of returning items. Amazon decided that one person had returned too many things, so they suspended his Amazon account, which meant that he could no longer buy any Kindle books, and any Kindle subscriptions he's paid for stop working. After some phone calls, Amazon granted him a one-time exception and reactivated his account again." Take this with as much salt as you'd like.

Quantum Theory May Explain Wishful Thinking 415

explosivejared writes "Humans don't always make the most rational decisions. As studies have shown, even when logic and reasoning point in one direction, sometimes we chose the opposite route, motivated by personal bias or simply 'wishful thinking.' This paradoxical human behavior has resisted explanation by classical decision theory for over a decade. But now, scientists have shown that a quantum probability model can provide a simple explanation for human decision-making — and may eventually help explain the success of human cognition overall."

James Bond Villain Data Center 103

jeet writes "Data centers are boring and NOCs are doubly so. But this one sure beats all of them. Found this video of a data center suited for james bond villain on Data Center Knowledge website. The facility is established in a hydrogen bomb safe bunker and has generators used in German submarines. The CEO takes you around and shows some other cool features."

Comment Re:Earth to Guitar Hero: (Score 1) 86

Harmonix, the company that makes Rock band, already puts in indie artists as either "bonus songs" on the disk or as free downloadable content. They also have had a contest like you suggest in the past and put a song from the winner in the next game they released. I am pretty sure they still need popular music to sell the games initially, though it's been proven in the past that they can get away with cover versions of those. It's only since the games became really popular that they've been using the original recordings.

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