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Comment Re:15 Days? That's all? (Score 1) 205

In Russia, disobeying a police officer (more exactly "disobeying a legitimate order by a police officer") is the most common charge against people who dare to criticize official policy on public. Basically, if they can't charge you with anything significant for some reason (or just don't want to), they use the "disobeying..." charge. It does not mean that person charged actually violated any law.

Comment Re:Russia you were so close (Score 1) 284

You say "same law" -- what does it say, exactly? Also, you need to see it in perspective. For example, Russian lawmakers recently passed a law that gives prosecution the right to block websites without trial. And many websites are already blocked just because local prosecutor wants them closed -- mostly those with views that do not follow official propaganda.

Comment Re:Russia is invading eastern Ukraine (Score 2) 272

: Until someone can prove that the referendum was done under duress, or the vote was rigged, why will no one accept the Crimean's decision? Putin himself admitted recently that the anonymous "people in green uniform" that seized power in Crimea were in fact Russian military. So that's about duress. As for rigging vote -- Russian authorities routinely do that in Russia on all levels -- from presidential down to local communal elections, so what is to prevent them from doing it on occupied territory?

Comment Re:Russia is invading eastern Ukraine (Score 1) 272

When replying to the kind of stuff this Archtech is posting, bear in mind, that what is effectivly Russian ministry of propaganda employs scores of jackasses to monitor all kinds of discussion media (web forums, blogs, etc.) and drown them with pro-Putin lies. This is actually a big problem for all independent sources in Russia that publish anything even remotely politics-related and try to keep the discussion open to general public.

Comment Re:Myopic viewpoint (Score 2, Insightful) 360

Mercedes has a depth of engineering expertise that Tesla can only dream of having.

Right, Mercedes does have a depth of engineering expertise in internal combustion engines and transmissions. Make a wild guess if Tesla would ever need that.

Tesla is a con job. It is a bunch of laptop batteries stuck in a Lotus chassis and it is a TOY, not a car which can actually be used to go anywhere in the world.

a) what you say shows that you now nothing about Model S;
b) very few people need a car that can be used to go anywhere in the world

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