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Comment Re:tell the Obama Administration... (Score -1) 230

yes, innocent. they did nothing wrong when they wrote that software. the patent is technically INVALID -- microsoft has NO reason to assume that what they were doing was patentable. if MS would get the patent office to invalid the patent then a jury verdict will be over turned. its kin to being convicted of a murder you did not do. and the DNA tests would overturn the conviction.

Comment tell the Obama Administration... (Score -1) 230

i hate these people who get awarded patents for things they did not invent then go and sue a big innocent company. we need some serious patent reform at least obama can hire COMPETENT software engineers to review software related patents because this is rediculous how people get awarded patents for things that make a patent invalid - PRIOR ART and OBVIOUS

Comment heh (Score -1) 408

the main difference between pirate bay and youtube is that pirate has the intent to steal stuff (hence the name "Pirate bay") and does not comply with requests to take copyright material offline. youtube will gladly comply with your copyright take down notices if you are the legal copyright holder. and before you try to tell me that pirate bay isn't actually transferring the actual files, that is irrelevent because they are still facilitating the transfer of illegal content. assisting a crime isn't a get out of jail free card.

Comment AGAIN?!? (Score -1) 191

HELLO PATENT OFFICE!?!?!? Did you ever think to realize that SOAP was designed for CGI to begin with??? This is such a frivilous claim to invention that it makes my blood boil. We need some serious patent reform in this country. The least that could be done is to hire actual computer engineers to analyze patent applications before they are awarded.

Comment don't throw that away! (Score -1) 308

Don't just throw that stuff away! Donate that stuff to some poor areas of Africa or something noble like that. You can donate your old TVs (as USA is going all-digital), and any educational VHS tapes + equipment to schools in rural Africa. It would keep it out of our continuously-growing landfills and put to good use.

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